HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
For the Eternal Glory of ELOHIM (The Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit) we have created and given (not sold) over 3300 Prophetic Worship Instruments since 1996 touching over 700 Nations, States, Cities, Communities, Territories, Islands, Rivers, Ministries and Tribes! As a ministry we also give books, Bibles, teaching CD’s, Anointing Oils and financial offerings to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

2013 Annual Ministry Newsletter

Thesis Publication

An amazing gift this year was the publication of my master’s thesis by a company in Germany.  Title: WORSHIP: A SYNERGISTIC SYNOPSIS-A COVENANTAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MINISTERIAL PRAXIS AND ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP

Gifts to HGRM

As only the LORD could orchestrate, Rainy Ostrom, Portland, OR sent seven divine packages this year with scarves and prophetic words for me personally and HGRM. God knew that I would be having four surgeries this year in addition to a work related back injury which seriously impeded the creation of Worship Instruments. Although others have given me worship instruments and one other has made a Worship Instrument for HGRM, no one has ever sent seven before. Such faithfulness is rare in my earthly experience. It was pure joy!

Prophetic Worship Instruments Created and Given for the Glory of Yeshua!

Glory Rings (16):
Nations (6): Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia, Canada, Israel-America and China
States (1): GA (1)
Cities (1): Redmond, OR
Individuals (8): FL (1), AL (1), OR (6)
Prayer Shawls (3)
            Individuals: Kampala, Uganda (2), OR (1)
Swords (3)
            States:  ME (1), MA (1), MD (1)

Holy Anointing Oils (4)

          03.17.2013 ~ The FATHER's Inheritance! Holy Anointing Oil!
            05.15.2013 ~ HIS Pure, Prevailing, Presence, Power, Providence, Provision, Purpose and Plan! Holy Anointing Oil!
            09.26.2013 ~ HIS Liberty! Holy Anointing Oil! (For the Scepter Project)
            10.04.2013 ~ HIS Crown and HIS Scepter! Holy Anointing Oil! (For the Scepter Project)

An update on the Anointing Oils for States: We have shipped 22, we need 23 more bottles, and we have 4 bottles waiting for intercessors (Maine, Hawaii, Wyoming and Alaska). Thank you so much for those that have sent in bottles or taken oils to pour out on your prayer journeys…for this we give thanks!

Website Outreach

Our website continues to be a time-consuming project which I enjoy editing, writing, posting and changing as the seasons change. The website contents often changes monthly as pages are updated, new pages created and other pages retired. Much of the information that was on previous website pages may now be found in any of my books 1) Have Glory Ring will Travel! 2) A Collection of Joy and 3) A Connection of Joy and 4) A Convergence of Joy in 2014.
Ministry Outreaches

February 2, 2013 ~ Glory Ring Workshop, Redmond, OR, USA

November 9, 2013 The Healing Barn, Brush Prairie, WA, USA    

Prayer Journeys

During 2013, I traveled through the States of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Washington DC this year with HGRM Intercessors joining me along HIS journey of divine appointments and strategic moments. The LORD’s faithfulness to send HIS ordained and anointed Prayer Warriors never ceases to amaze me. Truly, it was a complete joy and life-changing time to journey with each you! 

Vision for 2014

In addition to continuing the States Anointing Oil project, the Holy Spirit has asked me to make 55 Worship Scepters for the 50 States of America and Israel-America, North America, Washington DC, North America Body of Christ and North America Indigenous Peoples. I am counting on your faithful prayers and generous financial support for this Holy assignment. Additionally, it is my hope and prayer to have my four books translated into Spanish by Gonzalo Del Aguila Utiaand all published on amazon.com. We need your prayers to pave the way for these doors to open. We also would be blessed to have more of you contribute offerings to HGRM on a more consistent monthly or quarterly basis. Please seek the LORD about your portion to give.

Amazing Gift

In May 2013, the LORD generously provided a newer vehicle, a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder, was given to HGRM, for ministry and personal use which replaced the 2000 Nissan Altima (260,000 miles). That was a delightful surprise and amazing answer to prayer. One can only give God Glory.

May the LORD’s abundant favor, grace, truth, light, integrity, justice, peace, revelation, love, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, discipline, spiritual and earthly prosperity bless you richly. May the LORD richly multiply your generous offerings and faithful prayer support throughout the last 18-years. This is my second consecutive year to continue full-time employment as an office manager for a local Financial Investment Firm in Bend, Oregon. I am rich in the LORD’s spiritual inheritance and grateful that HE called and anointed me for HIS Kingdom on earth. My heart is exceedingly grateful to many servants of the LORD who have given generously of their time and resources, joining me in serving our FATHER’s Kingdom on earth.The LORD has blessed me with another grandchild, Emma Shayleen, born on 05.04.2013 (my grandfather’s birthday 1907). The faithfulness of GOD never ceases to amaze me!

Because of Yeshua, Our Messiah,

Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister