HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

HIS Glory Reigns Ministries

HGRM is a Biblical Christian international, prophetic worship arts, pre-denominational, cross cultural, spiritually prosperous ministry ordained and anointed by ABBA ADONAI!

Our ministry Leadership and Prayer Shield family are comprised of faithful, dedicated, devoted volunteers. We are sustained through the grace of GOD, including faithful prophetic intercessory prayers and financial offerings and gifts (2 Corinthians 2:17; 1 Samuel 30:24-25).
Jennifer Lynn Easton Joy, M.Div.
HGRM Executive Director
Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
PO Box 6083, Bend, OR 97708-6083 USA

Mobile Phone: 1.503.806.1145
Minister Joy's passion is to see the Destiny and Glory of Yeshua, Our Messiah experientially released in the Body of Christ both individually and corporately. Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Jennifer is anointed by the Holy Spirit to release unity, restoration, faith, truth, redemption, inspiration, creativity, courage, hope, healing and freedom through teaching, impartation, prophetic intercessory prayer and worship arts. Jennifer, a fourth generation native Oregonian, has ministered throughout the United States and internationally since 1996.

Our Introduction, Purpose, Passion,
Mission, and Proclamation Statements
HIS ~ To acknowledge this ministry is the sole possession of The LORD God Almighty! And that HIS majesty, magnificence, grace, mercy, kindness, gentleness, generosity, greatness, holiness, purity, righteousness, omnipotence, truth, favor, love, integrity, and justice will prevail more fully throughout the earth and to those called by HIS name!
GLORY ~ To bring forth adornment, splendor, beauty, radiance, devotion, honor, reverence, worship and adoration to our Heavenly FATHER, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! There are over 400 Scriptural References in the NT and OT referencing HIS Glory.
RING ~ To demonstrate the Eternal Covenant Relationship between GOD and humankind through JESUS CHRIST. Throughout Scripture rings denote authority, endless eternity, power, covenant relationship, and trust; also known as a Ring of Love or the Circle of Life. The circle is non-ending, eternal, a glory ring, a rainbow, the earth, a cell, a whirlwind, a portal, a tunnel. A circle encloses, protects, provides borders and parameters. Whether you view a line as linear or circular, HE is the Alpha and the Omega. The rainbow designed by the LORD God is a full circle is symbolic of a covenant ring (Genesis 41:42; Exodus 25:12-27; Esther 1:6; Luke 15:22). The crown of thorns and the cross embraced by Jesus Christ was to make the only way for the veil in the temple to be rent and a new Bridal Crown and Veil (eternal life and salvation) for HIS BRIDE (God's people) to be offered in the earth through HIS atonement, anointing and resurrection power. The following is taken from The Great Dance by Baxter Kruger.
There is only one circle of love in this universe, only one circle of life and fellowship and passion and tenderness and commitment. It is foolish to believe the Holy Trinity will enter into our self-developed, often imaginary circles when we have been invited to enter into the One and Only Circle of Love. The circle of Love is the relational unity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. There is nothing comparable. There is no substitute. There is no other place to be. For within that circle is the fullness of life, the fullness of the destiny of Jesus Christ, the fullness of dreams coming true, the fullness of earthly relationships, the fullness of HIS Glory on earth!
REIGNS ~ To acknowledge fully and embrace the LORD God’s mighty power, majestic rule, and omnipresent sovereignty over the earth and in the heavens throughout eternity.
 HIS GLORY REIGNS MINISTRIES ~ September 22, 2006 ~Rosh Hashanah - The Feast of Trumpets!
As the LORD God ordained and designed this ministry (HIS Glory Ring Ministries) according to HIS will, way and purpose we realize over the last ten years HE has been adding facets to the ministry such as making Anointing Oil, facilitating Workshops, creating Worship Instruments, developing Prayer Shields, hosting Worship Gatherings and building an Internet Ministry. God has continued to add, define, refine, build, enlarge, develop and establish according to HIS plan and design. We now recognize fully that HE has called us to more than the making, teaching, imparting and sending forth worship instruments.
Although most facets of this ministry will look the same, we are moving forward in our new mantle of HIS GLORY REIGNS MINISTRIES:

To worship the Triune God in Spirit and in Truth through the unction and power of the Holy Spirit, to wait upon ADONAI, The LORD GOD and to generously serve HIS people according to HIS revealed will (John 4:23-24).
MINISTRY PURPOSE ~ To encourage, impart and teach all believers to enter into a deeper, more intimate relationship with GOD the FATHER, JESUS CHRIST the SON, and THE HOLY SPIRIT through worshiping in Spirit and in Truth! (John 4:24) Jesus Christ is the Truth!
MINISTRY PASSION ~ To see the Glory of GOD Cover the Earth! Embrace the Earth! Permeate the Earth! Take over the Earth!
MISSION STATEMENT ~ To encourage, edify, exhort, enlighten, and educate the Body of Christ to worship ELOHIM (FATHER GOD/ABBA ADONAI, JESUS CHRIST/YESHUA, THE HOLY SPIRIT/RUACH HAKODESH)  in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24).
We believe ELOHIM placed a Forerunner Mantle on this ministry preparing the way of the YESHUA, our MESSIAH through prophetic intercessory prayer, praise, worship, warfare and dance (1 Kings 17-19; 2 Kings 2; Matthew 17; Luke 20:28-40).
  1. Pursuit of True Worship in Spirit, Truth and Freedom! (John 4, 16;
1 John 5)
  2. Full Gospel Foundation and Salvation Message of Jesus Christ!
(Mark 1; Romans 1; 1 Corinthians 9; Revelation 14)
  3. Truth in love in all things-acknowledging YESHUA as the fullness of Truth! (John 14; 2 Timothy 2; 2 Thessalonians 2; 2 Peter 2)
  4. Freedom, holiness and purity in worshipping ABBA ADONAI!
(Psalms 95, 149, 150; Isaiah 61; Luke 4; 2 Corinthians 3; Revelation 4, 14)
  5. Prophetic Worship, Intercession and Warfare implementing Worship Instruments and Dance! (2 Chronicles 20; Romans 8; 2 Corinthians 10; Hebrews 7; 1 Timothy 1)
 6. Pursuing the Face of God! (Matt. 6; 1 Cor. 14; 1 Tim. 6; 1 Pet. 3)
  7. Believing in and calling forth the prophetic prayer of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer for Unity in the Body of Christ! (Psalm 133; John 17; Ephesians 4)
  8. Pursuing immediate and radical obedience to ELOHIM in all things! (John 12; Acts 5; Romans 2; Philippians 2; James 1)
  9. Ministering with the anointing, gifts and mantles imparted to this ministry with integrity and excellence! (Mark 9; Luke 7-8; John 11;
James 5)
  10. Gratefully receiving and giving generously as the Holy Spirit directs and inspires this ministry! (Proverbs 11:25; Matthew 10)
  11. Embracing the fullness of the gifting and callings of GOD the FATHER! (2 Corinthians 13-14; Ephesians 4)            
  12. Building and edifying the Body of Christ Jesus! (Romans 12; 1 Corinthians 12; Colossians 3)

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