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The Release of Prophetic Holy Anointing Oil takes place according to the Seasons and Times of the LORD

       When the Holy Spirit first spoke to me about making anointing oil, I was completely surprised, as I had never made anointing oil before and was entirely dependent upon the Holy Spirit’s instruction. After making the first anointing oil, I did not anticipate making any more anointing oils, until the Holy Spirit spoke again, almost a year later to make the next oil, HIS Remnant Bride! Holy Anointing Oil.
      One evening in prayer the Holy Spirit gave the following ingredients (Myrrh, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Freesia, and Olive Oil) to use in the making of Anointing oil with Scripture references for prophetic emphasis.
Myrrh as a Symbol of Prayer
Genesis 43:11-Story of Joseph-Message: Forgiveness
Matthew 2:11-Jesus’ Birth-Message: Celebrate HIS Life
Song of Solomon 5:13-Bride of Christ-Message: Jesus’ Love for HIS Bride
John 19:39-Jesus’ Burial-Message: New and Eternal Life in Jesus
Psalm 45:8-Royal Wedding-Message: One True Love
Frankincense as a Symbol of Worship 
Exodus 30:34-Ark of the Covenant-Message: Holy to the LORD
Song of Solomon 4:14-Bride of Christ-Message: Fragrance of Jesus
Matthew 2:11-Jesus’ Birth-Message: Choose Life in Jesus
1 Chronicles 9:29-Cared for by Priests-Message: Sacred before God
Cinnamon as a Symbol of Scriptures 
Exodus 30:23-Tent Meeting-Message: For God’s  people
Proverbs 7:17-Story of the Harlot-Message: Holy Discernment Essential
Freesia as a Symbol of Freedom 
Flower from Iris family. Parable: Spiritually Open One’s Eyes tosSee Jesus Christ and God’s Glory Realm!
Olive Oil as a Symbol of Sacrifice and Humility 
Psalm 23:5-David’s Anointing-Message: God anointing HIS Chosen
Psalm 45:7-Oil of JOY-Message: God’s anointing brings Joy!
Additional Scripture References: 1 Samuel 16:1; Job 29:6; Psalms 23:5, 45:7, 55:21, 104:15, 133:2; Isaiah 28:16,17; Matthew 25:8; Luke 7:46, 10:34
          The worship of the Holy Trinity includes the distinguishing anointing of Yeshua, our Messiah. In the Old Testament, sacred and holy anointing oil was used by the Prophets and Priests for Tabernacle and Temple worship, the anointing of Kings and Priests, for light, for celebration of feasts and Sabbath, for sanctification and for consecration unto ADONAI (Genesis 28:18, 35:14; Exodus 29:36, 30:22-33, 40:9-11, 40:13-15; Leviticus 8:12, 10:7, 21:10; Numbers 4:16; Judges 9:8; 1 Samuel 9:16; 1 Kings 1:34, 19:16; 1 Chronicles 9:30; Psalm 133:2; Isaiah 61:1).            
        In the New Testament, the use of anointing oil is relative and related to Yeshua, the Messiah, the Christ, the “anointed one.” The word “messiah” comes from the Greek Messias, (John 1:41, 4:25) which is itself a transliteration of the Hebrew masiah (2 Sam. 22:51, 23:1), meaning one who is “smeared” or “anointed” with oil. Masiah occurs some 38 times in the Old Testament. The Greek equivalent is Christos, occurring some 529 times in the New Testament. The term “Christ” is an anglicized form of the Greek word Christos, originally an adjective meaning “anointed with ointment or oil” from the verb chrio meaning to anoint or smear with oil or ointment.
           The Scriptures are full of examples of sanctification through the anointing, atonement and resurrection power of Yeshua, our Messiah. The Gospel of Luke 7:38, notes the woman anointing the feet of Jesus, Acts 2:17-18 records prophetic movements with anointing oil, and, Mark 6:13 references anointing oil applied for healing and deliverance.
            Anointing Oil is symbolic of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. When we are sent forth to pray over a land, the reason we pour oil onto the land is so the anointing of the LORD, the Holy Spirit, is symbolically poured into the land (Exodus 28:41, 29:7, 30:26, 40:9-10). The reason we anoint a person with anointing oil is because it is our desire for the Holy Spirit to be imparted into their soul and spirit (Exod. 30:30). We pray that anointing oil will soften the hearts of people moving them to repentance, forgiveness, healing, and relationship with Christ Jesus. As we travel, we are similar to the Samaritan who stopped by the side of the road to help the wounded man by pouring oil and wine on his wounds (Luke 10:33-35). 
        When a Prophetic Glory Ring is created for a specific nation, state, tribe, territory, river, city, island, organization, church or individual, the Scriptures and prophetic word are sent and released to the specific place through prayer, proclamation, decree and intercession. When a Holy Anointing Oil is created, it is released to the whole earth, to every inhabitant. Each Anointing Oil is released into the world with Scriptures, prayer and prophetic proclamation of ADONAI’s message for the season.
      There are many kinds of Anointing Oils and the reason each one is listed individually is to help the participant see and perhaps understand with new light ELOHIM’s prophetic movement, divine seasons, anointing, waves of generous compassion, the abundant and consistent release of gifts, mantles, anointing, healing, and the expressions of HIS perfect love over the earth.
        The release of an Anointing Oil is a fragrant prophetic movement for the Glory of God throughout the earth, a heavenly gift to the earth. It is symbolic of Jesus Christ, the Anointed One proclaiming HIS Holy and Divine Presence on the Earth among HIS people.     
Shadow of Glory by Dan Ryker
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