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04.15.2012 The LORD's Deliverance ~ For the Nation of Brasil - 3



Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2012

For the Nation of Brasil
APRIL 15, 2012
Given to:  Jan Hicks, Foley, AL, USA
Given to: Eglaide Seiber, Native of Brazil, Gulf Shores, AL, USA ~ November 2012
Scriptures: Genesis 1, 2, 45:7; Esther 4:12-17; 2 Samuel 22; 2 Kings 13:17; Isaiah 42, 43, 54, 60, 61, 63; Psalm 18, 30, 32, 144; Joel 2; Luke 4; John 14, 15, 16, 17; Acts 2; Romans 11; Hebrews 5, 6, 7, 11; Revelation 19, 21, 22. Handmade by Jennifer Lynn Joy
This is merely an introduction to the Prophetic Song in Color, Type
and Symbol for the Nation of Brasil. I trust the Holy Spirit will impart
and imprint to you HIS purposes, plans, desires, will, function, form,
resonations, sounds and delights regarding this sacred and holy worship instrument.
Adornments, Ribbons, Scarves:
  • Ribbons are about the waves (Isa. 51:15), movements, pleasures of the LORD being released in Brasil; the colors, symbols and numbers are significant to each meaning with Scripture as notated in Have Glory Ring will Travel.
  • The scarves are about the breath, air, wind, life of God being released in Brasil according to HIS riches in Glory, HIS grace, mercy and joy; HIS love, kindness and delight; HIS light, justice and presence; HIS favor, truth and knowledge; HIS discernment, wisdom and revelation. As mentioned above, the colors, symbols and numbers are significant to each meaning with Scripture as notated in Have Glory Ring will Travel!
  • Satin ribbons are about the reflection of Christ in our lives.
  • 10” embrodiery hoop symbolic of John 10:10!
  • The rainbow weaving scarf represents the Covenant Promises of ADONAI!
  • The crystal gemstone set in 3 waves of gold symbolizes the Glory of ELOHIM reflected in the Trinity (FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT).
  • The black lace is symbolic of the LORD turning mourning in dancing, sorrows into joy.
  • The beads represent the LORD putting things in HIS order, lining things up according to HIS will and way.
  • The tassel scarf represents graduation/the completion of assignments, in essence a victorious season (Ps. 105:19) and healing (Luke 8:43-48).
Thank you for your faithfulness to serve the Kingdom of GOD on earth through prophetic intercessory worship.


My Testimony  by Eglaide Seiber, 
Native of Brazil © 2012
“Wait here for a minute, I have something special to give it to you,” Jan Hicks walked away from me leaving me questioning what that may be about it? I hadno idea that she was going to bring to me the confirmation I requested in my prayers to God during this past week. Now, I am going to take you back a few years ago, when I first came to know Jesus Christ, during the must difficult time in my life. I have had many trials in life and came to believe that tribulation was just part of the life I had to live. Never questioning why I thought that way, because I knew in my heart I had a purpose in life.
During my young adult life, I noticed that my thoughts were greater in depth than I could comprehend. I became an introvert because I could not relate to people’s lifestyles and desires. I remember reading a book from Kahlil Gibran called The Prophet and bearing witness to his thoughts about mankind and their struggles with emptiness. Then I became fascinated with Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Evita Peron, Nelson Mandela and many others present heroes that I would see caring for human rights, because they thought of their life purpose and importance to the future of others. I knew about Jesus as I knew about the Snow White fable. But I was not attracted by his life message because I did not think of him being real as this other people were.
My childhood was full of dreams and visions which I would see coming to pass in amazement. Raised in Brazil under mysticism, spiritualism and Catholicism, I waved to and fro under superstition and pagan religion traditions, believing I could speak with the dead, knowing there was good and evil and that both communicated with me. One sending me messages of protection and a bright future and the other bringing terror to a level of reality that I dread going to sleep for many years.
Through my ex-husband’s family here in the US, I became a Lutheran follower in 1993, going to church and listening to the gospel but never having a personal relationship with Christ. I became depressed again and again without apparent reason. I was taken to a Christian counselor by a friend who then brought me to a small group experience for the first time. I stayed faithful to the Lutheran Church, my Catholic icons, my spiritualist gurus and superstations. I had all that embedded with strong childhood memories of my grandmother’s ceaseless prayers. So when things became unbearable for me I would go to my knees and call for God to help me.
When I was 40 years old, my dreams and visions increased to be more constant and to a new level. In January 16 of 2002, I had a vision about hurricane Ivan destruction in our area, and later about hurricane Katrina, three months before New Orleans was destroyed by this horrible storm. During that time, my life was crumbling financially and emotionally with my divorce. Having dreams and visions became a daily happening with evil attacking my soul and body in every way. I became isolated and hid in church services seven days a week, praying, seeking God’s face, fasting for 72 hours at times, without food and water for
more then a year. In 2007, I lost everything I had worked for, becoming financially destitute. During this time, I received Christ as my Lord and Savior, was baptized in the Spirit and water on my 47 birthday and became focused on serving the Kingdom of God.
In 2009, I began helping the homeless people in Fort Walton Beach, Florida giving them haircuts twice a month. I taught nutrition based on the Bible to the body of Christ, and helping a Brazilian church to be formed in my home town in Gulf Shores, Alabama. During this time, God gave me a vision about me dancing for the homeless in the city park in Fort Walton Beach, but I was afraid to do it, so, when the Brazilian pastor requested me to do something special for our Thanksgiving Celebration, I made a decision to do a worship dance presentation. I had this beautiful vision of me dancing for God in the park to share the love of Jesus Christ to the homeless, and was that vision that brought me to dance for two churches. I was unemployed and homeless for three months. I could not buy a special dress for the worship and praise presentation, but the Holy Spirit reminded me of a beige and black long dress, I had in my display at my apparel shop. The dress was made by a famous Brazilian Otto Cotter designed and was brought to me by one of my workers. I remember trying it on one time and feeling like a Roman Princess, so I used
the beige dress, with a adorned colorful gift basket containing Bulgarian
rosemary oil, flowers and colorful fabric pieces. I danced for two churches
that year ending to the song of “A Little Long” from The Passion of the Christ and that was the happiest moment in my life to this date.
Since then, God has done too many miracles in my life to be mentioned here. He blessed me with a Christian family and friends, with leaders and mentors who have taken me under their wings, teaching about the Love, Grace and Glory of God. I have become stronger, purpose driven, and love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In the early beginning of 2012, I was introduced to Jan Hicks’ ministry and became passionate about the deliverance message in her Crossing2Freedom classes. I had the burning desire to bring the message of deliverance to Brazil in my language, and I started translating her book to Portuguese. During this journey translating her book, from time to time, I saw myself dancing in Christian events platforms throughout Brazil, bringing the deliverance message to the people who are entangled with mysticism, idolatry, spiritualism and voodoo. As this week began, I was pressed with the burden of dancing for God
to minister for the lost, so I started to pray. Each day especially on my way to work, the vision became so clear that I felt transported to another realm and dimension, hearing, seeing, smelling and even tasting the urgency of God to bring deliverance to the Brazilian people through my dancing ministry.
As Jan left me seating there to go pick up this special thing she had to give me, I prayed for God to help me to explain my vision to her, in a way that I would not appear too emotional or crazy-like because at 52 years of age I could not understand the need to be dancing in public arenas to worship Jesus. I had prayed that if the burden in my heart to dance for Him was of Him, that He would equipped me to dance in a special way, I would know without any question that it was Him talking to me and not my flesh.
To my complete surprise, she asked me to open the box she gave me and explained to me Jennifer Lynn Joy’s Ministry about the Glory Ring, and the Lord’s Deliverance message for the nation of Brazil. At first I was very emotional and a bit confused because Jennifer’s business card attached to the glory ring, had the same artwork as Jenine Love Joy’s business card. Plus their names were so similar at a glance, I thought I was out of my mind and I asked myself: What Jenine had to do with this colorful folk childhood traditional dancing ring I was holding in my hands?.....Jenine is the person God used to open the door for the coffee shop ministry where I met Jan Hicks, and where He established my new identity as a new minister of the Gospel of Christ.
The Glory Ring made by Jennifer Lynn Joy brought me back to my childhood memories of the “Bunba Meu Boy” folk traditional event held once a year in my native city, to celebrate our ancestors beliefs and traditions. Right then, I saw the ring in the hands of the street dancers as a child, and I remember limping with joy back then. The colorful design with deep tones of bright red representing fire, prosperity in the crops field, marriage, reproduction and continuation of family line, made me feel exhilarated in my spirit, with the promises God had put into my heart for my family and people. But the ring also had black lace ribbon and black beads resembling the black polka dots in my dancing dress. I was puzzled with the presence of the black ribbon and beads on the ring, but came to find out that the meaning behind was from the Scripture
that God promises to turn my mourning into dancing.
Deliverance of shame also came to me instantaneously, as I had walked in shame for having to dance for my King dressed in a beige and black polka dot dress for the churches, for black in our catholic tradition means mourning the death of our loved ones. I remembered that at one point during my week of prayer, before coming to my appointment with Jan Hicks, the Lord had give me a word from Psalms 30:11 and from Isaiah saying He was turning my mourning intodance.
You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken
away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.(Ps. 30:1, (NLT).
"Sing, O barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song,
shout for joy, you who were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband," says the LORD (Isa. 54:1, NIV).
I knew God was talking to me about my spiritual children because since I started teaching the Crossing2Freedom classes, He has given me many children to care for spiritually. My Spirit was bearing witness inside of my being that God will bring deliverance to my family and people in Brazil, and to many Brazilians living in the US.
I danced with the Glory Ring for the first time at the Awakening 2012
Conference hosted by Christian United Ministries Inc. and Gulf Coast Women Of Freedom in Gulf Shores, Alabama (11.9-10.2012), stepping into the prophetic message design by a prophet of God, Jennifer Lynn Joy, who I don’t personally know, and delivered by God’s mighty warrior and deliverance teacher Jan Hicks, to be brought to Brazil under her leadership and guidance, in Jesus Mighty name.
The Glory Ring brings me back to the streets of my home town as a child, not understanding pagan beliefs, feeling God's happiness and joy unattached to any thing of evil, and from where my innocence was stolen. God is changing my mourning into dance and I will go back to reclaim what the devil have stolen from me, my family and my people. In JESUS mighty name!
I am thankful to God for knowing Jan and for her faithful obedience to His call. For her love, support and for believing in me. I am thankful to God for Jennifer Lynn Joy's Ministry and obedience to the voice of the Lord, from heaven and for creating with her own hands, guided by the Holy Spirit, special prophetic worship instruments to send to the nations of the world.
I thank God in Jesus name for the work He is doing in my life and in my country’s future for his kingdom. Praise Jesus for His light has reach beyond the darkness of idolatry, voodoo worshiping, pagan festivals and religion traditions to save the nation of BRASIL. ALLELUIA! GLORY BE TO MY KING JESUS!