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Journal of Joy

109 ~ Eastern Montana

April 25-29, 2017

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2017
Psalm 11:4, NASB; "The LORD is in HIS Holy Temple; the LORD’s throne is in heaven; HIS eyes behold, HIS eyelids test the sons of men.”

Preparation: In preparation for this journey, I ordered a map of the State of Montana as is my normal procedure before any prayer journey. I trust the LORD to map HIS purpose, plan, desire, destiny and will. HE imparted to me a list of the cities, rivers, and specific plans. As with any Prayer Journey, I know HE will impart more information on a need to know basis…according to HIS decision when I need to know. The LORD has sent me on over 200 Prayer Journeys in America and other nations and gratefully there are some things that I learned along the way. Before arriving in Billings, Montana, I received maps and prophetic words from others which, of course, I reviewed and prayed over. Sometimes my hosts expect that I will follow another person’s prophetic word or map and are largely disappointed when I place what I am hearing over a famous or well-known prophet. However, I am accountable to ELOHIM for HIS word to me, for the prayer journey that HE has orchestrated. In my relationship with HIM, HE is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. Intentionally, I follow the LORD’s map and prophetic word for the territory where I am traveling. It is not about my agenda or another’s agenda, it is about the LORD because it is HIS earth and I am on HIS time. As I am one piece to HIS divine puzzle, I cannot be someone else’s piece to HIS plan, and I have learned experientially that it is not wisdom to try and fulfill someone else’s prophetic word no matter how famous they might be.

Since 2001, I have been traveling in ministry to Montana and have participated in countless Prayer Journeys along with facilitating Beginning Glory Ring Workshops, Advanced Glory Ring Workshops, and a 3-Day Conference. This is the State where the States of America Worship Hammers, States of America Anointing Oils, Photography of Worship Flags, and States of America Worship Swords were initially created and released. It has been a State of many hidden treasures, undeniable favor, unprecedented grace, great warfare, and greater victory. Montana is the State that holds many cherished memories and treasured friends. My singular trust is in the LORD, and that HIS plan for Montana will unfold.
04.24.2017 – Monday – In the morning, I drove into Bend, Oregon to finish some tasks before leaving on this journey. PAPA GOD is pressing me to not let a day go by without completing HIS list of tasks. I am spending a lot of time in prayer, reflection, and waiting upon HIM. All that HE has said about this trip is to “finish the course” and that the trip will be “HARD.”

The dictionary defines hard: Not soft; solid and firm to the touch; unyielding to pressure and impenetrable or almost impenetrable; firmly formed; tight; difficult to do or accomplish; fatiguing; troublesome.

It is the first time I have left on a Prayer Journey and heard this “word” from the LORD. I am purposing to go in with my eyes open, trusting the HGRM Intercessors are praying, the angels are surrounding and warring, and I am walking in divine faith and light once again.

The airport shuttle arrived at 11:30 AM….the airport process was easy. After the situation last September, this was a delightful surprise, almost shocking. I took a small carry-on suitcase to avoid the $50 charge for checking the suitcase. The flight departed at 1:28 PM (Seat 3E) to PDX, arrived 2:05 PM on time. It was pouring down rain in Portland, so the walk from the plane to the terminal was wet and slippery. The flight departed at 4:00 PM (Seat 6E) and arrived in Billings at 7:05 PM.

I was unprepared for the narrow winding stairs at the airport. I stepped aside to allow the young and strong to leap up the stairs. Once the crowd dwindled, I began up the stairs and then all of a sudden, another wave of travelers came bounding up the stairs and one very large man body slammed me into the wall. I must have been invisible.  I am just learning to walk again with new orthotics (an amazing gift) and running, hopping, skipping, and jumping are not yet available to me. I can manage stairs but certainly not like a gazelle. My physical dwelling place was injured but this is not something I mention until I return home and call my doctor. The extreme pain continued for about six weeks and then all was supernaturally healed and verified by medical reports.

My host and I met through a Prophetic Group on Facebook. She invited me to fly up and pray over Eastern Montana with her, so I agreed because Eastern Montana had been on my heart for a numerous years and this was the door that GOD was opening. Declaring that her budget was very limited, I used my remaining air miles to donate to the cost of the ticket.

Although we had not yet met, I called her when I landed, she then described her vehicle to me, and picked me up along the curb. Billings is a small airport, yet, not as small as Redmond, Oregon - a four-gate airport.


We headed east to Miles City our second city of this Prayer Journey.

As we approached Miles City, I could see in the Spiritual realm a dark army and that is when the strongest wave of warfare began. GOD is always faithful, always victorious, always strong, always right...I love that about my PAPA G!

Arrangements were made at a hotel on the outskirts of the town. It was a lovely, clean, refreshing, and welcoming place. We checked in at Comfort Suites at 10:04 PM, (PAPA’s way of telling me first day finished – “10 – 4 Mission Accomplished over and out”). The hotel gave a very cute marketing idea travel bag with snacks and a bottle of water. I was grateful for a most comfortable bed and a quiet, private room.

News Report from Miles City, Montana on May 3, 2017: An eastern Montana man who was convicted of embezzling $1.9 million from 18 people that he convinced to invest in his “house flipping” business has been sentenced to 40 years in prison and ordered to pay restitution…

04.25.2017 – Tuesday – I awoke at 4:44 AM (Ezekiel 44:4 – THE GLORY OF THE LORD). Wonderful breakfast opportunities (waffles, quiches, etc.) at the Comfort Inn Suites. After pouring out Anointing Oil in this place (Miles City), we headed north to Wolf Point. We crossed the Powder River and stopped to pour anointing oil in the Yellowstone River. We traveled through eastern Montana in view of the Big Sheep Mountains and were blessed to see both Golden and American Bald Eagles. We stopped by Wolf Point Bridge, the Northeastern Veterans Memorial Park and poured Anointing Oil in the city of Glendive, in addition to the Missouri and Milk Rivers praying as we traveled.

Then we drove to Fort Peck Dam which is the highest of six major dams along the Missouri River, located in northeast Montana in the United States, near Glasglow, and adjacent to the community of Fort Peck. At 21,026 feet (6,409 m) in length and over 250 feet (76 m) in height, it is the largest hydraulically filled dam in the United States, and creates Fort Peck Lake, the fifth largest man-made lake in the U.S., more than 130 miles (210 km) long, 200 feet (61 m) deep, and it has a 1,520-mile (2,450 km) shoreline which is longer than the state of California's coastline. It lies within the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. The dam and the 134-mile-long (216 km) lake exist for the purposes of hydroelectric power generation, flood control, and water quality management.

Each time we pour Anointing Oil there is always prayer, decree, declaration, Scriptures, and thanksgiving to ABBA ADONAI that we live in this amazing land of the free and the brave.

Signs along the way: 222 which means: “God’s sufficiency, in the midst of human’s insufficiency.” Leviticus 22:2; Revelation 22:1-2; One Sent.

We continued towards Lewistown, the city located in the center of Montana. We stopped at Black Butte Road in Roy and prayed and poured oil in this place. Then my host provided a brief drive through tour through Lewistown before we headed toward the expansive ranch.

We shared a late dinner and then retired for the evening. I am lodged upstairs in the guest room which affords a lovely, pristine view of the valley.  It is peaceful. Sleep comes easy.

04.26.2017 – Wednesday – Light snow covered the ground. It was picture perfect beautiful like a scene in a winter movie. It is just as cold outside as it looked, as the temperatures were in the 30’s. PAPA GOD invited me to step outside on the deck and take photos, even though I was barefoot and it was a bit chilly. I stood on the deck and took a series of six photos. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click with my android phone.  Although, I was standing outside in daylight a few moments before 8:00 AM, the photos depicted things in the Spiritual realm, and for lack of a better term, it seemed to me to be a wall of glory, a ridge of portals, an enlarged angel chute, a place of visitation, a place where GOD’s presence rested on earth.

As the house was quiet, I went downstairs and brewed myself a cup of peppermint tea and then returned upstairs to prepare for the day.

We left about 10:30 AM to stop by the Post Office and UPS. Then we drove north to Moore, Big Sky Grocery, Amish Community to share lunch at the Amish Deli. My favorite…hot pastrami on rye…oh yum. Then of course, the indulgence of huckleberry ice cream…homemade in Montana. Double yum.
Being Amish, the store was clean, simple, immaculate, and fully stocked. It reminded me of my high school summers when I worked for my Dad in our small family owned business. There were no lewd magazines lining the check stand, this was a gift.

The northern wall was decorated with some amazing beautiful hand-stitched quilts, handmade clocks in addition to the northeast corner filled with wind chimes. Looked like a bit of heaven had come to earth to me. I just could not resist tapping each wind chime to release the sound.

As I was almost glued with fascination to the wall of clocks while our sandwiches were being prepared, a man of my approximate age came into the store. We talked about the clocks, the designs, the choices, the chimes, the shapes, the movement of the faces…I truly was hypnotized by their extravagant design and beauty. My host had grabbed a table and was busy texting as I admired the clocks and quilts.
After I went to the counter to pick up my “brown bag” lunch and sat at the table my host had chosen, the man said to me, “I’d like to buy you a clock, which one would you like?” I smiled and said, “That will be a difficult choice, they are all so beautiful!”

It was more than obvious to me that he was an angel. One of the keys with angels is that they do not dwell on themselves, their situation, their work, their needs…they are clearly on a mission to fulfill a request of the LORD. The words or phrases “I want” or “I need” are simply not a part of their vocabulary. They are always focused on their assignment, the person they were sent to help or bring a gift of hope, joy, kindness, truth, light, revelation, encouragement and/or wisdom.

Then my host, interrupted and loudly declared, “you are not buying her one unless you buy me one!” I was stone speechless. The angel was clearly stunned by her abrupt rude behavior and backed up about 12 steps like a strong wind had knocked him over.  She continued to rant until he left. Clearly dumbfounded I could not begin to imagine the reason for her behavior. And it was my first time to see an angel walk out on an assignment. I asked her why was it so difficult to allow that angel to minister to me, which I learned quickly was a mistake. She continued in her defense of her behavior and I remained silent as is my nature. Confrontation is not my gift.

Upon reflection of the angel encounter, among the things I walked away with was that PAPA GOD truly is looking for ways to bless us unexpectedly. Angels are sent by the LORD for specific assignments. I wondered how many times are they impeded, interrupted or delayed by a human action. I have asked the LORD to send me a clock, and I know in time HE will.

Hebrews 13:2, NASB, “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”


(10.24.2017 -  I received an Amish Clock from Kentucky...GOD will have HIS way no matter what!)

After we departed the Amish store, we drove by a Missile Silo and I asked if we could return tomorrow to pour anointing oil and take photos of the Missile Silo. Then we visited two small thrift stores in Lewistown and I found some scarves and jewelry for Worship Instruments. Always purposing to sow into the city of destination and purchase supplies that will be anointed from that city and sent around the world bringing spiritual unity to my FATHER’s Kingdom on Earth.

We stopped by the “Freedom in Not Free” Veterans Memorial 
Park to take photos and pour Holy Anointing Oil and then we stopped at a hotel in the city and went inside to view the “Center Mark Artifacts” geological artifacts indicating that Lewistown is the center of Montana. We then drove to south Lewistown and poured oil in Spring Creek before heading north to the ranch.

My host wanted to wait until Friday to go to Helena, so that her husband would be able to join us, however, God said that I had to go to Helena on Thursday, so I pressed for us to keep to the schedule that GOD gave me. Gratefully she acquiesced.

04.27.2017 – Thursday - We left about 9:00 AM for Helena, Montana. We poured 2 bottles of anointing oil on Gilt Edge Stage and Gilt Edge Road. We took photos of the Missile Silo and poured oil there as well, then we stopped in Great Falls, Montana at Malmstrom Airforce Base…and poured anointing oil.

After returning home, on May 3, 2017 – Malmstrom Tests Minuteman III Missile with Launch from Vandenberg (www.afgsc.af.mil)

Then we drove to the Capital of Montana. Because of the extreme cold and I did not come prepared for Montana winter, we did very little walking as I have done before in Helena, Montana. Additionally, the injury at the Billings Airport was daily reminding of my humanity. However, I have learned to move forward, follow GOD, do not delay, do not be distracted by earthly inconveniences when on assignment from the LORD. Always keep your eyes on YESHUA!

At the Capital, we circled the block twice, pouring anointing oil along the way. I was given a picture by the Holy Spirit of the space under the capital, with a slate foundation, pillars, gargoyles on the top of the pillars. I prayed for the pillars and gargoyles to come down and that Montana would be given a clean slate. In the Spiritual realm, I saw the foundation implode and trust PAPA GOD will be rebuilding it in the next two years with a foundation of gold and silver and YESHUA being the corner stone.  

Movements happen in the Spiritual Realm first, so I anticipate the State of Montana will experience the natural effects of what took place here in the Spirit. I anticipate that there will be some serious shaking, cleansing fires, and exposure above ground as there has been underground. It is important to remember it is GOD's earth. HE created it!

This day was the last day the Montana legislature was in session for two years. It was the last day to pray for the legislature in session for two years. I anticipate many changes in the next two years and that ABBA ADONAI will be sending HIS “Nehemiah’s” to rebuild the capital of Montana.

July 5, 2017 – 5.8 Earthquake to shake Montana. The largest earthquake in 20 years.

As of September 4, 2017 , Montana lost over a million acres to wild fires.

Hebrews 11:1, NASB; “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

Following the Capital visitation, we stopped by a thrift store where I found a few hankies for worship instruments as I am keeping my small carry-on suitcase in mind.

We drove back to Great Falls where we shared a quick lunch, then on to the Gates of the Mountains, the Golden Triangle, Bootlegger Road, and through some farming communities pouring Anointing Oil and praying along the way.

I suggested filling the vehicle in Great Falls because I truly am a half-tank full kind of driver and the Holy Spirit also suggested it to me. 

However, sometimes there are those who cannot or will not hear my gentle soft-spoken suggestions, so I just step back and let the Holy Spirit teach or the circumstances teach as they might. I do not see it as wrong or right or good or bad, it is just that my prophetic seer gifting allows me to see things in advance, and so because I genuinely care about my FATHER's people,  on occasion, I will offer a suggestion. I believe that all of humanity learns through natural circumstances and that those of us who are privileged to know the Holy Spirit learn from HIM as well. 

This was one of those moments. The vehicle ran out of gas, so we waited on the side of the road for 1.5 hours for AAA, then headed to Conrad to get fueled up.

We arrived back at the ranch in the evening, shared a quick meal, then retired for the day.

04.28. 2017 – Friday – As it turned out, my host's husband worked today as well, so we went in town to meet her daughter for lunch. It was a divine appointment and a delightful encounter.  Then we headed north back out to Moore, for another huckleberry ice cream at the Amish Store. This is a place of not only most excellent ice cream it is a wonderful peaceful place. Wednesday's angel was not present.

The evening held Candlelight Shabbat Dinner, the Sound of the Shofar and Prayer, then I ministered to my hosts until almost midnight. As usual, YESHUA came with healing, deliverance, revelation and truth as only HE can. PAPA GOD is always faithful with HIS purposes and plans for HIS people.

04.29.2017 – Saturday As much as I understand, everything the LORD wanted accomplished has been finished. It is true, it has been a hard week, yet GOD is always faithful with HIS power, strength, goodness, light, compassion, grace, vision, wisdom, discernment, mercy, and love.

Psalm 26:2, NASB; “Examine me, O LORD, and try me; test my mind and my heart.” 

After breakfast, we headed south towards Billings, and we stopped at Applebee’s for a closing meal. This is the meal when I answered all the questions that have not yet been asked.

We drove to an overlook near the airport and poured the last bottle of anointing oil that I brought for the trip.
The flight departed at 3:37 PM. Inside the airport, at the gate, I asked to take the stairs without a herd of people, that made life quite a bit easier. The flight only had one third of the seats filled so there was lots of room. A gift.
Transferred easily at PDX and then home in Redmond at 8:08 PM…and to the duplex by 8:30 PM.

As is my nature, as soon as I arrive home, I unpack, begin laundry, answer emails, catch up on the mail and take Communion which is my daily habit in preparation for tomorrow.  What does tomorrow hold? Only GOD knows.

It is also my habit to inquire each morning, “PAPA GOD, how might I bless you this day?” And HIS answer determines the outcome of my day.


Jennifer Joy

P.S. Today, April 29, 2017, is my grandson’s 17th birthday. I have not seen Elijah in 3 years and I am missing him and praying for him especially on this day!