HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
06.24-26.2010 Worship Arts Conference, Franklin, KY - 36 - Worship Hammer Class
Journal of Joy

Worship Arts Conference, Franklin, KY, USA
June 24-26, 2010
Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2010

06.22.2010, Tuesday, Graduation Dinner ~ A surprise Graduation Dinner greeted me upon arrival to Tennessee which was such a sweet gift of rekindled friendship.
06.24.2010, Thursday ~ Marsha provided chauffer service to the Oasis Christian Center & Retreat (www.Oasis ChristianCenter.com). A huge welcoming rainbow hovered over us as we drew near the Oasis. The LORD is kind in calming us with HIS promises when our schedules seem slightly squeezed. We settled in and prepared for the conference “HE Turned the Water into Wine!” An event of this nature takes about four months to plan, organize and finalize. It is no small undertaking. A large amount of faith and time is required! Gratefully, Valerie, Dena, Ronda, and Kelly are women of extreme tenacious faith!
The afternoon held the Anointing Oil Class and the Worship Hammer Class. We made HIS WINE OF PURE GLORY! Anointing Oil  corporately. Each individual created their own personal Anointing Oil. For most creating anointing oil and worshipping with a hammer is a stretch of faith and a risk into unfamiliar territory. Ronda volunteered to make the Worship Hammers for the Conference for which we were all very grateful. The evening held our Experiential Communion Servicewhich is always amazing, always memorable, always a moment in time when YESHUA touches HIS people with extravagant atonement, grace, mercy, healing, and resurrection power.
06.25.2010, Friday ~ The LORD’s presence is evident as each person creates their Glory Ring. The room is filled with the sounds of joy, laughter and delight when a revelation from the HOLY SPIRIT is released. Corporately we created the Glory Ring for the City of Franklin, Kentucky and individually each person made a Glory Ring. During the afternoon session I took a moment to step out on the back deck overlooking the lake and the presence of angels was overwhelming. As we are purposing to take the city of Franklin, Kentucky for the LORD’s Glory it is a sweet gift to see HIS acts of encouragement such as a group of angels standing guard.
To begin the evening service, we presented Worship Hammers to Chad and Andrew McClung, part of the Oasis Team. Then we provided a service for the Oordination of Kelly Ogles as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Kelly was also the recipient of the HIS GATES OF GLORY! Glory Ring for the City of Franklin, Kentucky.
The evening closed with a Glory Soaking for one hour of Worship Music and Glory Scriptures. The sounds of music and the sounds of HIS words resonate and reverberate life, healing, truth, revelation, forgiveness, peace, joy, kindness, goodness, mercy, grace, atonement and resurrection power into each cell in our physical bodies as well as our spirits. HE IS THE LORD! THERE IS NONE LIKE HIM!
06.26.2010, Saturday ~ Following breakfast, a group gathered to do a Prayer Walk around the Oasis Center with the sound of the Shofar leading the way. Someone heard from the HOLY SPIRIT and immediately walked in obedience. Everyone at the Oasis was blessed because of one person’s obedience.  The LORD asked me to make a Glory Ring for the Pentagon during this conference and this was the day. For me personally, it was a day of pressing in, pressing forward and overcoming! PTL! The Pentagon Glory Ring was delivered to Gloria Reid the following week, at the Pentagon, Washington D.C.
 The spirit of cooperation, unity, and comradeship was in abundance at this conference. A few of us gathered at the Cracker Barrel for a time of table fellowship before departing to our separate places.
 As always, we give thanks unto the LORD, for inviting us to participate in the Advancement of HIS KINGDOM on earth and for the privilege of being calls sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD! It is a privilege to our KING JESUS!
 May all the risk takers be blessed as they move forward in their relationship with Christ and experience HIM more fully each day.
Godspeed! With the deep affection of Christ Jesus!
Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister