HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
Journal of Joy

96 ~ Gulf of Mexico States ~ Florida, Alabama, 
Mississippi, Louisiana

January 27, 2016 – February 3, 2016

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2016

“As you travel...keep your natural eyes wide open, Jenny, as well as your spiritual eyes... I know you do...but that is critical.” DAC 01.26.2016

01.27.2016 – Wednesday - 3:45 AM Airport Shuttle scheduled pick-up. A new driver arrived at 3:25 AM. It was a brief less than five minutes trip to the Redmond, Oregon airport. Easy check in after a bit of a wait. I didn’t have to take off my sweater or shoes. I was grateful.

33 pounds luggage. Seat 7a, Group 3, Flight United 5456.

Jeremiah 33:1-3, NASB, “Then the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the second time, while he was still confined in the court of the guard, saying, “This says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to establish it, the LORD is HIS name, ‘Call to ME and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’”

While waiting at the Redmond airport because I typically arrive 1-2 hours early, I sipped my way through two coconut milk hot chocolates. I noticed a man watching me. He was attractive with dark hair, ready smile, about 5’10” and I estimated that he was somewhere near my age. After much pacing back and forth, he finally came and sat down two chairs away from me, open body language, smiling and said that he liked my neon pink athletic shoes. I just laughed. I thought, “Seriously, pink neon shoes, that is a first…” He asked me if I was “coming or going?” I answered, “Going.” Then I returned the question and he readily shared that he was on his way to Orlando, Florida via San Francisco, California. I knew in my spirit it was a set up but I was not quite sure where the Holy Spirit was leading. Then my admirer continued talking and shared that he recently attended his class reunion and declared that he would never do that again…everyone was too old, too tired, too bald, too unhappy, and too sick. I just laughed and silently thought about my 25-year class reunion a few years earlier and my thoughts were the same. Then he asked when I graduated from high school (I knew he was trying to figure out my age). I answered and watched him do the math in his head. Then I asked him, “What is your occupation?” And he answered, “Numerologist.” He waited to see my reaction and I could tell he was surprised when I said that I had studied numerology some years ago. He has been a numerologist for 35 years, approaching his 60 birthday. He then asked when my birthday was as he was looking for more information about me through my astrology sign. Then he realized that I was truly 65 and he said, “I would have never guessed you at 65, I thought you were 45.” Laughing, I made a comment about older men are always looking for younger women. I said that I had just graduated with my Master’s 10 years ago so that I truly do not think, process information, or generally act like people my age. He was very amiable, safe, kind, and approach-able. We talked for the hour, well mostly he talked, and I nodded and smiled. It was truly what I would put in the ‘fun conversation’ category. He was surprised when he asked what I did and I answered “minister.” He reacted in shock, “you preach” and then he intuitively said, “Oh, you are a counselor.” I could see that he was fascinated by my aura. Then he said that people born on the 19 take things really hard…which is true about my life…it takes me a long time to process something, especially a trauma. He asked, “Do you know why I came to sit down by you?” I answered, “Long wait in airport line to stand?” He smiled and said, “No, you have the strongest aura I have ever seen….it is pure white light fire.” I smiled. He asked, “Have you heard that before?” I nodded, smiled, and said, “Just Jesus.” He acknowledged my response and asked if I was married, how long I had been single, if I wanted to be married. I could see he was looking for his ideal mate and I assured him at the right moment in time, the one that he was supposed to be with would come along.  Then I shared with him that even though I enjoyed the study of numerology there were so many more languages of earth to learn. I talked about creation, the cosmos, 7000 spoken languages on earth, almost 4000 recorded extinct languages on the earth and of course, the Sacred Scriptures. Clearly this was a divine encounter and I knew the LORD set it up and my hope was to ask questions that would later cause him to seek GOD more fully.

I can say it is the first time in my life that a man has posed interest in me by commenting on my “neon pink shoes.” I am still laughing over that!

Then we boarded the flight – he in 2A me in 7A….I was sitting next to a very tall, handsome man wearing polished expensive Italian leather shoes and a blue pin stripe shirt which had obviously been purchased at a men’s upscale retail business. As the flight attendant was explaining the emergency procedures, he mentioned hearing it hundreds of times over the years but still knew that what she was sharing was for the first-time flyer. I said, “Well the truth be known, if there was an emergency, we would not remember anything she said, we would all follow you because you are tall and can easily be seen. Tall people are designed to be leaders. I trust you are a leader of a corporation.” He laughed. During the flight to San Francisco he shared his story about falling in love, getting married, having three children and their struggles of parenting. The joy of talking with a perfect stranger on a flight anywhere is that there is the chance you will never see them again, so it seems safe to share one’s story with someone like me, a pastoral counselor, a minister. He talked the entire flight and I listened to his story inserting words of encouragement on occasion because parenting can be downright challenging and sometimes it is hard in the middle of their high school years to really see if as a parent, you are doing the right thing, leading them in the right direction, holding them accountable at the right time for the right reason and from his story, they were doing a truly great job at parenting. His love and passion for his wife, his family and their extended family was more than obvious. He shared their trips to the Bahamas, Hawaii, Maui, Australia and their love of scuba diving, bike riding, golfing, and truly just loving life. He shared his concerns over his parents that his father had flown to Australia 30 times and never left the office…that he was a “work-alcoholic” and that he had spent his life working, not really living. And I posed that thought that perhaps his father built the ‘’hard-work ethic” into their family legacy and that he was adding another piece to the legacy known as “living life to the fullest and loving and spending time with family.” He smiled. I suggested that he thank his father for the legacy that he had built. And that he might expect in time for his sons to add their pieces to the family legacy, each one building upon the strength of the previous generation. Somehow an outsider’s perspective brought a new light of hope on the life-long challenge. He breathed a deep breath taking in the simple understanding of the facets of building a legacy and seemed at peace. He mentioned being a Christmas Presbyterian and I responded that PAPA GOD might like to see them gather with GOD’s family more than once a year. He laughed. He talked the entire one and half hour flight. It was an obvious divine appointment. When he rose to gather his brief case, he turned and looked at me and said, “Thank you.” It was a lovely conversation with a man who loved GOD, his family, his children, the opportunity to work hard and build an empire. I was sent to listen and encourage and he was sent to remind me that there are kind, wealthy, professional, honorable, educated men in the world that love their family. And yes, he was the CEO of a large well-known corporation on Wall Street. We flew over the corporation’s skyscraper in San Francisco as we descended to the runway.

The transfer in San Francisco and Houston were seamless. I am grateful to have my feet on the ground in California and Texas twice this year (coming and going) January and February to pray. As I did not make the flight arrangements, clearly this was GOD’s plan. Being in Florida, California, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana in January – a good start to the year. The LORD asked me to go to the 4 corner border States of America and the heart of America (Kansas) this year on what HE called the "HGRM 2016 American Prayer Journey" to pray in this Presidential Election Year. By February, I hoped to be in Washington, Idaho and Montana which would make it 9 States. God is on the move. God is always on the move.

I arrived in Pensacola, Florida on time…and was grateful to touch ground after 15 hours in airports and the air. Pensacola is the oldest European settlement in mainland America 1559. I have flown into this airport before and poured oil in strategic places throughout the city. It is known as the city of 5 flags because it has had five different government flags flying over it at different times. Pensacola was Spanish, then French, then Spanish, then British, then Spanish again, before becoming American, then Confederate and now USA.

Randy, whom I met in 2007 was waiting for me in the luggage area. He is also very tall and was easy to spot. We gathered the completely intact, not smashed, not delayed, and not opened luggage and departed the airport. We stopped for a late dinner at O’Charley’s in Foley, Alabama. Sweet memories of previous trips to the area are flooding through my mind. Over time, I asked him about everyone that attended the Glory Ring Workshops in 2007 and some he could update me on and some he could not. There are so many faithful servants of ABBA ADONAI that I hope to see again. 

The drive was completed as we arrived in Robertsdale, Alabama where his family resides on 27 acres of country living. My quarters were the recently built, not yet finished, 300 square foot man cave. It is a man cave from floor to ceiling – someone has kindly placed a vase of flowers on the table. Clearly not something that usually fills the center of the table. It was a sweet welcoming gesture that I noted with joy.

01.28.2016 – Thursday – We departed in the late morning, heading towards Navarre Beach to meet Valerie at 5:00 PM. We stopped for fuel, 1.61 a gallon, much less than what we pay in Oregon. It is 57 degrees with cloudy skies above. Yet compared to my winter in Oregon, this is a wonderful spring day. Our first two stops are churches in Robertsdale, one pastor I know, the other I have yet to meet. Still I just love to stop, pour anointing oil, and pray for PAPA GOD’s congregations around America. Then we went to the place where 5 forms of water converge on Orange Beach:  Perdido Pass, Wolf Bay, Perdido Bay, Inter-coastal Waterway, Ono Island Chanel. We stopped at different places to pray. In one place that we prayed and poured oil, the winds formed a sword from the oil on the surface of the water. It seemed rather indicative of this "America Prayer Journey." Like Nehemiah with a sword in one hand and a hammer in another, I am intentionally building and fighting for America at the same time. Randy is a Native American and ex-marine so I am clearly with the LORD’s chosen for this journey.

When we arrived at Navarre Beach the mileage was 77777 and it seemed obvious that the LORD was clear about HIS message to complete the assignments that HE had placed on HIS agenda for me.

As soon as we arrived at Navarre Beach, Valerie escorted me to the Condominium, where I would be sleeping for two nights. After having a few moments to settle in, we then drove to Mobile, Alabama for an advanced screening of the movie, “GOD’s Not Dead 2.” It was my first experience with previewing a movie which I completely enjoyed. We returned to Navarre Beach after midnight and I was very grateful for sweet quick rest as we were planning to leave at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning.

Valerie invited me to “The Gathering,” January 29-31, 2016 Navarre Florida, Beach Colony 17C on Gulf Boulevard on the Gulf of Mexico.

Valerie received the assignment from the Holy Spirit to pray over four counties: Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Escambia in Florida. The four counties included the cities of Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Destin, Navarre, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa, and Paxton. As Florida was one of the four corner border States the LORD had asked me to pray over this year, I was grateful to join “The Gathering” and clearly recognized it as the LORD’s divine plan.

When I awakened in the morning, the view over the waters was breathtaking. We were on the 17 floor and could see for miles and miles. White sandy beaches, teal blue ocean covered with cerulean blue sky. It was blue upon blue and beautiful upon beautiful.

01.29.2016 –Friday – Phyllis and Dena joined Valerie and I, so the ‘Riders Four” which could be likened to “Rangers of the LORD” were clearly ready to ride. Phyllis graciously prepared each of us a “Breakfast Box” so delightfully typical of Southern Hospitality. An intentional act of kindness that is still a sign and wonder to me…an Oregon girl. I met Dena and Valerie in Kentucky some seasons before. Since that time, Valerie moved to Florida, Phyllis is a friend of Valerie and lives in Florida and Dena flew in from Kentucky. I loved being able to travel with those committed to standing with YESHUA, blessing America, and praying for reconciliation, redemption, renewal, revival, and restoration in our nation.

One of the first signs and wonders before the “Breakfast Box” was that Valerie’s Dad was scheduled to have a heart procedure today, yet when he went in on Wednesday for pre-procedure check-up – everything was normal. Go figure….GOD is still in the business of healing hearts any way you wish to interpret that!

In preparation for the journey, Valerie asked us to seek the LORD about where we were to go. The following combined answers were given by the four of us, so we joined forces and accomplished the assignments fully: A High Place, State of Eden Park, Crestview Florida home, Indian Temple Mound Museum, Gulf of Mexico, Pensacola Bay, Rivers, Government Building, A Florida Business, Residents of Fort Walton Beach, Gregg Chapel AME Church and Pensacola House of Prayer! GLORY TO YESHUA!

Additionally, Valerie was given the mandate to pray for the seven mountains of culture during our journey: family, religion/church, education, business, government, art and entertainment and media.

It is a joy to step out into a parking lot without ice and snow. Glory to YESHUA! Can I just reiterate, I am so loving the warm weather and not missing the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures in the Oregon high desert.

Signs along the way: Lion of Judah, Jericho Road (2 times - which reminded me of the Jericho Road outside of Jerusalem, Israel), “He Leadeth Me” Song, Red Horse, Orange Horse, White Horse (two times), 888, 444, Tree of Life, Black Horse (2 times), “How Can It Be” Song, Revelation 6:4, Jubilee, Alpha and Omega, Rainbow, Covenant, Liberty, Tree of Life, Walton County, Santa Rose County, Okaloosa County, Escambia County, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Miramar Beach, Paxton, DeFuniak Springs, Promises Fulfilled, Completed Assignment, Unity, Harmony and Summit.

After we drove by Hulburt Field, next to Mary Esther, Florida, our first stop was in the parking lot of The Summit, in Crestview. From there we went Britton Hill, in Walton County. 

We began climbing a small hill and one of the “Riders” mentioned that we are climbing up the mountain. Laughter erupted out of me. We are climbing up to 345 feet above sea level, to the highest natural elevation in the State of Florida, and I live at 3500 feet above sea level in Central Oregon, so this little tiny hill does not seem like a climb to me, as the mountain pass that I cross often to go visit my son is over 6000 feet above sea level. But then the Wasatch mountains that I hiked with my twin sister in 2011 were at 10,000 feet above sea level. It is always about perspective. What is a mountain to one is not a mountain to another.

We stopped at Lakewood Park, the highest natural elevation in Florida, received communion, sounded the Shofar, collected a few acorns, photographed trees, and prayed. We decreed and declared GOD’s Word, plans and purposes over the State of Florida and its borders. The GLORY of YESHUA visited us in this place. It was just purely delightful.

Next stop was the Eden Gardens State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Walton County, Florida…an absolute must visit, must see, must walk, must experience. The tree is a 600-plus-year-old tree which means it was there when Columbus “discovered” America. I just loved that tree and I wished I could sit under its branches and listen to the stories of the last 600 years. It was like a Psalms 1 tree. And it is a tree under whose branches many weddings have been celebrated. The colorful flowers, the vibrant foliage, the extravagant palms, the blue waters, the expansive waterways, the indescribable beauty, the history, the reverence, the memories…this was an extravagant place of generational joy.

Then we drove to Okaloosa County in Fort Walton Beach to experience the Indian Temple Mound Museum and Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum. A place to pray, walk and pour oil and pray, walk and pour oil and pray, walk and pour oil. 

Dena climbed the steps up to the top of the mound and was standing at the clearing. She called me to come up. I am looking at the stairs trying to make a decision if my feet want to climb stairs or not. So, of course, I take the stairs up to the clearing at the top. She asked, “Can you see what I see?” I answered, “Yes.” She asked, “Are you going to do anything about it?” I waved my hand and she asked, “How do you do that? They all just start running as soon as you show up.” I respond, "The darkness always leaves when there is sufficient light to cause it to do so. It is about the LIGHT!" Therefore, after I cleared the land of some resident darkness, I prayed for the Light of YESHUA to invade the mound, the land, the city, the inhabitants, the county and the State. Come LORD JESUS! Come! The land held much pain that needed the eternal forgiveness and the  unconditional love of YESHUA!

While in OkaloosaCounty we also prayed for the newly built Okaloosa County Building and a Crestview Florida residence which was previously used as office space and now is used for women’s retreats. The land around this home was clearly anointed and blessed. The spiritual atmosphere was rich and sweet. I saw my first “Lion’s Mane Mushroom” as well as other plants native to the area.

The sun set and so we returned to the Condo in Navarre Beach for Communion and reflection upon the day. It was truly a sweet, sweet time in the presence of the friends of GOD and HIS angels.

The evening also held prophetic gifts including a tiger’s eye necklace, key with gemstones, prayer journal, walk in faith shoe, and booklet: Everything is Beautiful in its Time.  GOD is always faithful to speak HIS messages of encouragement, hope, faith, and truth in HIS ways through HIS servants. It is who HE is!

01.30.2016 – Saturday – We began the day with a stop at a local business in Fort Walton Beach to pray. The Holy Spirit gave me a prophetic word for the business and it was felt by others in the group that we needed to go to the home of the business owners and share the prophetic word with them, which we did. Then we also prayed over their home and property pouring oil, declaring, and decreeing GOD’s Word as is our nature to do so. Then I asked if I could pray over the business owners which they agreed and the Spirit of GOD hunkered down in their home. The owners were both brought to tears by the GLORY of the LORD and the HOLY SPIRIT answered questions for them and brought clarity and revelation into their lives. It was simply a GOD MOMENT!

At the end of any day, who do we have but GOD?

Signs along the way: Daniel Drive, The Riders Four, City of Five Flags, Pensacola House of Prayer, Miracle Strip Parkway, A Time to Dance, Coming Soon: JOY, Anointing, Sunbows (2 times).

Our next stop was Gregg Chapel AME Church, Okaloosa County, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Valerie had hoped to ask permission to pray before we arrived, but that did not happen, so fortunately, or divinely when we arrived the pastor was on site and granted us to pray over the sanctuary and grounds. This is my first time at an AME church and I am trusting the LORD has ordained this for HIS GLORY!

Valerie introduced me as a prophetess of the LORD, which surprised me, yet the introduction opened the door for me to speak to the pastor what the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to share. It was good and it was GOD and he received the word of the LORD fully and kindly.

Then we went to an apartment to pray in Mary Esther to receive wisdom, anointing, discernment and revelation from the Holy Spirit regarding the residence. The word of the LORD clearly came forth and within weeks the resident moved to another place.

We shared a late lunch at Carrabba's Italian Grill in Destin, Florida, then Phyllis departed on her way. Valerie, Dena, and I stopped by the Pensacola House of Prayer, in Escambia County to pray briefly before dropping Dena off at the Pensacola airport.

On the return drive to Navarre Beach, Valerie and I stopped at Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church to pray and pour oil as well. It is a place that is of historical spiritual significance to her.

Valerie and I returned to Navarre Beach and walked out to the beautiful extravagant white surf and poured wine and oil in the sand and surf, directly below the Condominium where we stayed. These were my sacred few moments to enjoy the white sands of Navarre Beach. I hope to return to this place and spend more time walking along the beach.  

Randy was waiting for us when we arrived and he continued to wait patiently as I completed the final assignment for Florida, then he graciously drove me to Pastor David and Linda’s home in Robertsdale, Alabama where I would be staying the next two nights. Pastor Dave and Linda have provided prayer support and counseling over the years as I have learned to navigate the waters of ministry. I am grateful for their wisdom and counsel. Pastor Dave has written the Pastoral Prayers of the HGRM 999-Prayers for a number of years, which has been a huge blessing to so many in the body of Christ.

01.31.2016 – Sunday – This morning I was privileged to share in the community of Faith Fellowship Church. It was a complete joy to see Sara and Doug Wilson from the previous trip in 2007, faithful HGRM intercessors. Truly the kindness of GOD.
Following the service, we went for lunch with many people that Pastor Dave and Linda know and then spent the afternoon and evening in continued fellowship. It was a joyous time of re-connection.

02.01.2016 – Monday – Randy picked me up this morning and we headed toward New Orleans, Louisiana. Both of us intent on the destination and completing the prayer assignments and journey the LORD set before us. We traveled on Highway 10, a road familiar to Randy as in previous years he was a long-haul truck driver. We played the new A432 Highway 10 Music that Steve Armer had written for our journey.

Randy mentioned that he was moving into the “Hammer Lane” which I had never heard that expression before as a long-haul truck driver I am not. “Hammer Lane” is truck driver slang for the left lane.

For me the drive is easy because I am not driving and am riding with a very safe, conscientious driver. There are those that driving is second nature to them, and Randy is one of those. Driving is like a language to him, he just gets its. It fits.

We drove through Mississippi but the fog and mist were so thick there really was not any scenery to see. The fog was not gray or dreary, it was more like a white linen shroud hovering over us. Randy provided historical tidbits as we traveled and prayed over this land so familiar to him.

Signs along the way: 155ZKE – Ezekiel…and I am remembering the “Mrs. Ezekiel Rod and Staff” that I received a few years ago. 26 Mile Bridge, Pearl River, Mississippi, 1040o, 444-4444, 544544, 1234 Oil, ADM (Adam) 10400.

Upon arriving in Louisiana, Randy headed towards the Levy. This is not a place I would go alone or probably ever go again. Yet, clearly it is the path the Holy Spirit is directing and there are countless indications of prayer needs. As we are seeking the LORD where to stop and pour the oil…Randy stopped alongside the two-lane, shoulder-less road in a graveled pull out. Directly in front of the truck is the address: 10400 River Road. This speaks to me because River Road is the name of a road in Eugene where I was born, in that it was familiar and 10-4 reminds me of ‘10-4 mission accomplished, over and out’. So, I quickly hopped out of the truck, took the oil up a slight hill and down the other side to the water’s edge along the Levy. It took just a few moments and I returned to the truck and we were on our way. The deep sadness in the Levy territory was palatable and I prayed for a Spirit of Joy, Love, Peace, Kindness, Restoration, Redemption, Renewal, Forgiveness, and Prosperity to arise in that place through YESHUA’s power.

As we were departing New Orleans, I realized that I had forgotten to ask Randy to sound the Shofar, so I handed it to him while he was driving. I just knew we could not leave Louisiana without sounding the Shofar and we were too close to the Mississippi border to turn around.

As we were driving along in Mississippi, in the fog, not being able to see anything but the road in front of us, I asked Randy if he knew of a place we could stop where water was accessible so that I could pour oil. He smiled and said, “Next exit.” Timing is everything. We stopped at Pass Christian to pour oil. It was an ideal small beach. I walked to the water’s edge and was lost in the fog for a few moments. It was that thick of fog even though I was just a few yards from the parking lot. Randy thought for a moment I might have been raptured, but then my form slowly appeared as I emerged from the fog.
It was at this place where I felt the weight of the day, the weight of the intercession lift and found myself with less intent and more delight.

The day brought not a single issue with traffic or vehicles…this was a gift from PAPA GOD. It was truly smooth sailing.

As we neared Alabama, we drove by Long Beach, Gulf Port, the USAF, and the USS Alabama. Throughout the day Randy shared some of his childhood memories from the Northwest particularly the Willamette Valley in Oregon where I also grew up and in Dixon, Montana where he is a descendant of the Blackfeet Tribe.

The LORD reminded me of Isaiah 55 and HIS promise to HGRM.

Isaiah 55:5, NASB, “Behold, you will call a nation you do not know, and a nation which knows you not will run to you, because of the LORD your GOD, even the Holy One of Israel; for HE has glorified you.”

We closed the day in prayer with the following Scripture as truly our heart is only to serve our KING YESHUA.

Colossians 3:23-24, NASB, “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the LORD rather than for men, knowing that from the LORD you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the LORD CHRIST whom you serve.”

The evening held the ordination of Randy Lynn Mitchell, in Robertsdale, Alabama as an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Then I returned to the man cave for the final two nights before my departure home. My heart was rejoicing that my feet had touched six states and the first portion of the American Prayer Journey was completed.

02.02.2016 – Tuesday – This is one of those joyous easy days in ministry. Deborah picked me up in Robertsdale, Alabama and we met Pastor Jan Hicks in Foley, Alabama at a Tea Shop. It was just lovely. Following tea, we went to Jan’s ministry office to pray and pour out oil. Then Deborah kindly returned me to Robertsdale, Alabama and Randy picked me up and took me to Doug and Sara's, which was a time of sweet prophecy and prayer. It now seemed the journey was complete, so Randy generously took me to Logan's Roadhouse in Spanish Fort, Alabama, a restaurant well-known in the South, not in Oregon. I was surprised as there were peanuts and peanut shells all over the floor. However, the food could not be matched anywhere. Simply over the top!

Then I returned to the man cave to pack for the morning departure. Grateful it is not at 3:45 AM! Sometimes it is just lovely not to have an early flight. 

The wind howled all night accompanied by thunder, lightning, and heavenly sounds. Sounded like PAPA GOD and the Angels were having a Country Mountain Stomp Dance upstairs!

02.03.2016 –  Wednesday -  We left for the airport around 8:00 AM.  The rain continued all the way to Pensacola. As Randy was unloading my luggage he handed me a lunch bag. This is another one of those examples of common Southern Hospitality. He said that it “was nothing” yet I believe every act of kindness makes a difference to GOD whether people notice or not.

The flight home was filled with very quiet people. The opposite of the trip here.

I flew out of Pensacola, stopped in Houston, Texas and San Francisco, California then home to Redmond, Oregon. There were a couple of delays so I had to “hustle” through the airports. As my feet are slowly but surely recuperating from 2013 – for me a hustle is a step above a very slow stroll. Angels are always alongside me, so I am always escorted and feel very protected.

The flight arrived on time in Redmond and the airport shuttle was there to greet me with my name on a sign. I remain grateful for the faithful prayers and financial support of HGRM intercessors and leadership.

And mostly, I just love my KING YESHUA! And to HIM belongs all the GLORY!

Yours for Yeshua,

Soaring on the wings of eagles,

Jennifer Joy

Jennifer’s Reflections sent to “The Riders Four” upon returning to Oregon

Before this Prayer Journey, the prophetic picture “JOY TAKES FLIGHT” was sent to me and I knew that I would be traveling to the four corner border states of America before Passover 2016 and to the heart of America (Kansas) before Pentecost 2016. I waited as the LORD set things up for me to travel. He asked me to take 12 bottles of Anointing Oil on the First Portion of the 2016 America Prayer Journey. The prophetic name of the oil: ABBA ADONAI’S PROPHETIC RESONATIONS OF HIS HEALING LOVE AND RESTORATION! Which spoke volumes to me regarding HIS Spiritual purposes for this year.

Regarding the 48-hour Florida Prayer Journey, my Spirit is overflowing with joy over the unity, harmony, alignment, alliance, purpose, plan, kindness, abundance, destiny, anointing, truth, light, love, intention, delight, friendship, and revelation of YESHUA among us and guiding us. It was a comfort to me personally to see the myriad of colorful angels surrounding us on the journey, moving obstacles out of our path, setting up divine appointments and timings.

The angel camp at “The Summit” was beyond supernatural and akin to being in heaven. It was also delightful that some places were seemingly squeezed into our journey as in the natural realm, there truly was not enough time, and I felt as though GOD made time for us to accomplish HIS desires. The horses surrounding us in the natural realm brought me great joy as they have been a significant symbol in the language of GOD in my life for years.

“The Riders Four” is particularly significant to me as the LORD has connected me with others during various seasons of ministry to join HIS movement on the earth for HIS GLORY and I remain grateful for HIS purposes arising on earth.

When I first arrived at the Condo, 17 floor, John 17 arose in my Spirit and I could see more of my FATHER’s purposes coming to light. Then upon the entrance, the Olive Tree and the Olive Branch was hanging outside my bedroom door was a reminder of my journey to Israel and the LORD’s extreme favor in that place and time. And John 17 become more significant as it was not only on the floor where our Condo was located, it was also on the walls surrounding us. How sweet it is!

Regarding my son Jeremy, as a child his favorite animal was tigers and there was a season in his childhood that his room looked like a tiger’s den. Some years ago, during the 10-year season of his brain fragmenting, a friend made me a “tiger eye” prophetic necklace as a symbol that GOD’s eye was upon Jeremy (she did not know about the symbol of tigers in his life.) Then later someone gave me a set of “tiger-eye” earrings and a “tiger- eye” ring. These were earthly expressions of the LORD’s promise that HE was restoring my son.  This last fall I received a gift of a “tiger-eye” and “mother-of-pearl” necklace during Jeremy’s season of “coming back” as he calls it. When Phyllis handed me the silver horse and “tiger-eye” necklace it was a sweet combination of what the Holy Spirit had been prophetically speaking for many years regarding, “The Horses are Coming” and GOD’s eyes upon my son.

The Silver Scarf Mantle that Dena gave me was a confirmation of our FATHER’s redemption in my life and that I have completed HIS specific training and am now positioned to call forth the fullness of HIS redemption in the lives of others. On the following, Tuesday, when I joined Pastor Jan Hicks for Tea, and then we went to her office to pray, I noticed the same shoe, “Walk of Faith” (Hebrews 11) that Valerie had just given to me.

I believe the greatest spiritual confirmation and impact of the Florida Prayer Journey was the 600-year old tree at Eden’s Garden State Park which impacted my spirit and soul in ways that I did not anticipate and am still reeling from as the “TREE” is a perfect replica of the same tree that I sat under with YESHUA during my first recorded visitation to heaven in 1981.

Something happened on the trip which I cannot explain or describe except that there was a shift in me and I came back home much different than I left. I cannot find the words to describe it. I do believe it is GOD and that HE has completely unsettled me – I feel like I have been through a whirlwind upside down. FOR THE ETERNAL GLORY OF YESHUA!