HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
02.19.09 Worship Instruments - 2

Journal of Joy
Missoula, MT, USA
February 2009
© Jennifer Lynn Joy
02.15.09 ~ Sunday~ The journey began in Camas, Washington with a rental vehicle filled with five large suitcases and more. The Celebrating HIS Glory Conference originally scheduled in December was delayed until February due to an extreme winter blizzard that closed all accessible roads. It has been since June 2004, that I ministered in Montana and my heart is very grateful the doors have been opened once again. The Holy Spirit is forever faithful to encourage my soul and spirit along the way. This evening was spent with my family in Spokane, Washington.
02.16.09 ~ Monday~ I met Constance, one of HGRM’s faithful intercessors, in Spokane, Washington and we traveled to Missoula, Montana together. Constance is a handmaiden of the LORD and brought banners, worship instruments and most of all her servant’s heart to Missoula. We stayed with friends during the evening and then departed   in the early morning for Montana.
02.17.09 ~ Tuesday~ The roads once buried in winter snow were now clear and the sun shone warmly. The trip seemed delightfully easy as is always the journey with a friend. We arrived in Missoula in the early afternoon, unloaded a portion of the vehicle, checked into the hotel, and began our Prayer Journey around the Missoula basin. In the next few hours, we poured out 24 bottles of anointing oil in strategic places around Clark County. This is an unprecedented number of oils to be poured during a Prayer Journey. It was as though the LORD was stamping Clark County with the imprint, HIS DNA of the 24 Elders (Revelation 4) and the Priesthood of Jesus Christ (Hebrews. 7).
02.18.09 ~ Wednesday~ The Prayer Journey included four high schools: Hellgate, Loyola, Sentinel and Big Sky; Clark Fork River, Fort Missoula, Hellgate Canyon, Shadows Keep, Target Range, Lolo, Government Buildings, Gates of the City, Churches and other Holy Spirit designated places. During our Prayer Journey in Lolo, Montana the Holy Spirit introduced a new worship instrument. In the earth’s realm it is called a “Tire Thumper!” We were like the “Three Musketeers” holding our “Weapons of Night Defense.” The Holy Spirit is still revealing HIS purposes in the new weapon of warfare. Also, we took time to set up for the Conference today at Bethel Baptist Church.
02.19.09 ~ Thursday ~ The morning began with a few challenges, yet PAPA GOD is always faithful to bring forth HIS purposes. After many years of praying and many not quite successful attempts, the conference was successfully videotaped and a DVD produced.  Breakthrough does come! This morning began with an introduction of the seventy plus worship instruments, followed by the Anointing Oil Class.
The group created “HIS Covenant New Wine! Holy Anointing Oil!”and then each made personal anointing oil as well. The afternoon session held the class on warfare and worship hammers. Before the conference, Karrie and Micki made HIS Covenant New Wine Worship Hammers for everyone in attendance.  The evening contained one of my most treasured earthly experiences which is communion with my KING JESUS! We gathered and worshipped! HE ALONE IS WORTHY! And embraced the presence of HIS Holy Glory!
02.20.09 ~ Friday ~ As I have facilitated over 80 workshops across America, the Beginning Glory Ring Workshop is the easiest as the path has become comfortable like a well-worn prayer shawl. The obstacles, interruptions and distractions are consistently the same and therefore, it is easier to dismantle that in the spirit realm than over something unknown. Part of our ministry vision is multi-generational and like many workshops the age range included seven decades. Lunch was provided in-house family-style which added to the community aatmosphere of the day. Glory Rings were made and prophetic words were released for the Glory of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.
In the evening, we released for the second time the Sounds of HIS Glory Soaking Scriptures with worship music. As I was very focused on reading the Scriptures, I was quite surprised when I looked up and the pews were empty and everyone was either lying on the floor or on a pew. The Glory just rather settled in over us like a thick fog blanketing a forest. Ahhhh….Jesus is LORD! (We were hoping this portion of the conference would be a part of the DVD but the sound system did not provide the quality we desired, hopefully next time.)
02.21.09 ~ Saturday ~ The Advanced Workshop is a little more challenging than the Beginning, therefore, it is a delight to know that there are over 100 intercessors praying for the conference. Yet, the LORD is always faithful, full of kindness, gentleness and encouragement.
Carolyn and Constance brought Glory Rings which are included in the photo link. It is my heart for each to see the unique anointing and creative spirit of the FATHER that is released in each Worship Instrument. It is so easy to see the different Songs in Color and hear them singing to ELOHIM!
The evening held another time of worship, proclamation, prayers and decrees over Missoula, Montana for the Glory of YESHUA!
02.22.09~ Sunday~ We left Missoula in the morning, arriving in Spokane in the early afternoon and Connie departed for Colville as I headed for Southern Washington. The journey was long, yet PAPA GOD is ever faithful to provide strength and protection.
02.24.09 ~ Rainbow over Montana
Additionally, the local news report in Montana indicated that PAPA GOD heard our prayers and some un-holy things that were hidden surfaced. PTL!
May ELOHIM (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) be eternally blessed as we purpose to minister and serve HIS Kingdom and HIS people on earth.
Shalom, With a Grateful Heart, Thank you for your prayers of faith and generous support.
Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister