HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

Journal of Joy

98 ~ Northern California

March 18, 2016 – March 23, 2016

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2017

03.17 – Zephaniah (NASB), “The LORD your GOD is in your midst, a victorious warrior, HE will exult over you with joy, HE will be quiet in HIS love, HE will rejoice (dance) over you with shouts of joy.”

03.18.2016 – Friday ~ The drive was quiet, easy, refreshing, uneventful and beautiful. I am still in the season of quietness before the LORD, of always being attentive to the sound of HIS Voice, of listening and waiting for HIS sound before any other sound on earth.
In 2013, HE asked me to turn off the worship music. The sound of silence became more than golden. It was in the same season that HE asked me dance without the use of my feet as it was the season of foot surgeries. It was a place of residing deeper in HIS Holy Presence…not the earth’s imitation of HIS Presence.

Signs along the way: 120977, 28 degrees, 7:33 AM, Eagle Point, Flying Eagle, 121222, 12:31

The Giant Redwoods remain very tall, overwhelmingly extravagant, strong pillars on the earth regaling GOD’s majesty and beauty. This is a place I stop and intentionally breathe in their immense strength, relentless beauty, towering power, deep fragrance, and tangible nobility. The Redwood Forest in Northern California is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I heard the Pacific Ocean calling my name, so I also stopped along the ocean side to inhale a deep breath of salt air, warm California sun, refreshing winds and staggering beauty.  

And those California Bears – I love the golden California bears on the bridge. A place I have come and prayed before, where anointing oil, salt and wine have touched the land and the river. I anointed the Smith, Klamath, and Trinity Rivers along the way.

Exodus 30:25, NASB,“You shall make of these a holy anointing oil, a perfume mixture, the work of a perfumer; it shall be a holy anointing oil.”

I arrived at Charlie and Tianne's between 3:30-4:00 PM in McKinleyville. It has been many years since my feet have touched this land. I am grateful for the open door, the kind invitation, the welcoming sounds. Charlie was in the garage preparing a brisket for a gathering at their home this evening. His beautiful wife, Tianne was out of state caring for her mother. Therefore, out of respect and honor for their home and marriage, Charlie set me up in their travel trailer “Weekend Warrior” that was parked in their driveway.

Charlie and I are kindred spirits…we just absolutely love worshipping ELOHIM with musical, artistic worship instruments. He shared about the fishing and logging industry leaving North California and the “Weed” taking over (aka pot) as it has now become a legal “medicinal” product bringing wealth through the harvesting of countless crops in Northern California. We sampled “Tucia” (fermented Plums distilled, Romanian national drink) and he shared his recent photos of worship instruments including tomahawks, drums, and more. Charlie gave me an eagle feather which I sent to a Native American friend in Alabama.

Charlie’s friends and family arrived and it is a lively group fellowshipping with laughter, song, food, fun, and great joy.

Trudy, one of Charlie's guests, asked to see photos of some of HGRM’s recent Worship Instruments, so we retreated to the trailer where my laptop was located, for a few moments. She was concerned over the mold accumulating as the winter storms had damaged the trailer. So, I agreed to stay one night in the trailer as I truly wanted to overcome the ladder in the sleeping place. I am determined not to allow the remnant of foot surgeries to deter me. On the next evening, I would stay at Joe and Trudy’s and sleep on an airbed in their guest bedroom.

It is my belief that my steps are ordered by the LORD and even when I cannot see HIS purposes or pleasures it is always my intention to walk in immediate obedience trusting HIM with the outcome of my life.

03.19.2016 Saturday – In the morning, Charlie drank coffee and I sipped tea, as he prepared a light breakfast. We are both eager to get on the trail. Our destination is the Lost Coast Beach towards Petrolia. Charlie has packed flags, flutes, whistles, horns (Shofars). I asked about the salt, wine, and oil and I can tell by the expression on his face, this detail is not prepared. However, often GOD goes before us. After I explained Charlie’s role as navigator, anointing the rivers, his sphere of influence in Northern California as a native Californian and a Native American he could readily see the need for the oil (symbolic of Christ Jesus, Yeshua the anointed one), wine (the new covenant), and salt (we are the salt of the earth).

He reached for some wild grape port in a cobalt blue bottle that had been sitting on the counter for about 2 months; Kosher Salt, and Oil for Humboldt Rivers that I sent a few years back. Charlie smiled, “God said to use it sparingly because it needs to go to many sources in the wilderness.” We mixed a random portion of the three ingredients together in an empty water bottle and then I set in on the shelf by the front door. We finished loading Charlie’s truck and I asked again making a mental note: Flags? Flutes? Shofars? Oil? He jumped out of the truck to go get the “oil” by the front door. He came back out to the truck said that he could not see it. So, I went in with him and it was in the exact place where I put it. I laughed because how many times has GOD put something or someone right in front of me and I just did not have eyes to see what HE was showing me. It is easy to be so excited about what GOD is doing or how HE is moving that we can overlook the obvious.

Now we are ready to depart! The rain is falling. The roads are wet. It is the Saturday before Palm Sunday in America. The heavy fog and lingering mist provide a covering. Truly we are near the northern Californian beach…nothing like the high dry desert where I reside.

Although Charlie invited others to join us on this adventure…all declined.

Signs along the way: Luke 19; 54 degrees, 200212, Riptide, Arcata Farmlands, Bottomlands, Tsunami Zone.

We traveled to the Mad River (9:48 AM), at the location Charlie rolled his MGB in to the river when he first moved to Humboldt County years ago and God pulled him from the wreckage. A miracle. Then we poured oil, blew Shofars, took photos, and asked Lord’s supernatural blessings on this day that HE had set apart for HIS Glory. 

We left the Mad River and headed towards the Eel River (10:45 AM). Interesting that one of HGRM intercessors called as we passed through Eureka.

The Eureka Effect: the sudden, unexpected realization of the solution to a problem.

The Eel River bank is very muddy and slippery. Charlie masterfully slides down the slopes of the river bank to pour the oil in the river without sliding into the murky waters. Obviously, his skateboarding skills are a benefit in this moment. We both blew our Shofars. They resonated their sounds through the river and the sky. The presence of ABBA ADONAI was tangible.
We continued south on our journey to the northern tip of the San Andreas Fault apex. After passing through Ferndale, we proceeded over the very windy, narrow, bumpy roadway to the Lost Coast Beach and the Mattole River (12:40 PM – 200387 mileage). We crossed the Bear River and I asked if we were going to anoint this river, at first Charlie hesitated, then he said, “Yes, it will be on the way home, our last River, the 7 River.” This all resonated in my spirit and as per norm Charlie and I are on the same wave length in the Spiritual Realm with ABBA ADONAI.

As we turned the corner, the Pacific Ocean was larger than life before us and I took some photos. Simply magnificent. Then we traveled south along the Lost Coast Beach Shoreline two-lane, no-shoulder, country road toward the Mattole River.

As we headed south, I noticed what I thought was four eagles soaring overhead (12:12 PM). I asked Charlie, “Are those eagles?” He said, “No, we are too far south, Humboldt County has three pairs of nesting eagles about 70 miles north of us.” I said, “Charlie, look up. I am pretty sure those are eagles.” He took his eyes off the road for a second and tilted his head out the window and looked up. And said with a very wide smile, “Sure enough those are eagles, what are they doing down here?”

Isaiah 66 came to mind, so I took out my phone app and read it. Seemed perfect for the time and season.

Isaiah 66:1-2, NASB,Thus says the LORD, “Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where then is a house you could build for Me? And where is a place that I may rest? For My hand made all these things, thus all these things came into being,” declares the LORD. “But to this one I will look, to him who is humble and contrite of Spirit, and who trembles at My word.”

I took photos as Charlie continued to drive along. Gratefully, Charlie is not one like some who text, take photos, and eat while driving. He focused on the road. This is comfort to my soul as ditches are not my safe place.

In my spirit, I felt like we were amidst a convocation of eagles but even that seemed like a stretch of my imagination. Nonetheless, it was a great encouragement to see them hovering overhead. It reminded me of previous trips to Montana and the eagles that nest around Flathead Lake.

We saw another young eagle perched on a fence post, as we continued south about 5 miles to the Mattole River with a plan to stop at the beach and the San Andreas Fault Apex on the way back. We took photos of horses, mules, and the beautiful scenery. Suddenly, as we turned a corner, we came across a restaurant named the “Yellow Rose” clearly in the middle of nowhere. And I am pretty sure that it is more than just a “restaurant” in this non-business, non-housing territory. I did not feel comfortable stopping even though it might have been lovely to use their restroom.

Charlie found a place along the Mattole River and how grateful I am that he likes sliding down river banks and climbing through dripping wet brush. He blew his “Eagle Whistle” as he poured the oil and then we headed up the hill to blow the Shofars over the valley where the Mattole River flows.

On the way back to the beach, we noticed another Golden Eagle on the beach near the shore line, and other birds (red-tail hawks and other species of hawks). It remained overcast yet the rain finally lifted and there is just a light mist and lingering fog by the time we landed on the beach at 12:50 PM.

We stopped at the location, Charlie had spotted on our way south. A place where a previous recent earthquake had shifted some rocks creating a very noticeable change in the landscape.

We grabbed our Worship Instruments (Flags, Shofars, Flutes, Oil) and headed to the beach. Charlie was kind to allow me to use his shoulder as a stabling point as we climbed down the trail. He fleets down the trails like a deer. Me…well not exactly like a deer. LOL!

I am surprised when I see six Eagles (Isaiah 6 came to mind) soaring above us. An hour has passed, we are not near their feeding place or nesting place, yet they are clearly soaring above us.

Isaiah 6:3, NASB,“And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of HIS GLORY!”

2 Kings 2:20-21,“He (Elisha) said, “Bring me a new jar, and put salt in it.” So, they brought it to him. He went out to the spring of water and threw salt in it and said, “This says the LORD, ‘I have purified these waters; there shall not be from there death or unfruitfulness any longer.”

(Since 1985 I have been pouring salt, wine, and oil in the rivers across America and other nations decreeing this Scripture from 2 Kings).

We poured the salt, sounded the Shofars, sang a lullaby to the San Andreas Fault Lines, danced on the rocks with flags, played the flute and prayed peace and blessing over this California land and its residents. We prayed for GOD to have HIS way, for HIS Name to be honored and highly esteemed in the State of California.

At 1:23 PM Charlie noticed a Golden Eagle setting on the ridge above us. So that is now at least 8 eagles that we can visually see and I am clearly undone. I have never seen anything like this. I know this is clearly natural yet supernatural. I know that GOD is hovering over us.

After taking more photos, praying, sounding the Shofars, and watching the eagles. We left the beach a little after 2:00 pm (mileage 200396). We packed up, headed up the trail, Charlie’s stable shoulder guiding me up the slope. Psalm 91 comes to mind…and I am reminded of GOD’s overt protection. As we headed north and turned a corner, near ground level in the shadows was a pack of buzzards. Yet, overhead the Golden Eagle was perched on the ridge above watching as we headed northwest and another Eagle perched watching the southeast. Sentinels of ABBA ADONAI.

As is common, when GOD is moving, and HIS Heavens are declaring HIS purposes, the buzzards of life are hidden in the shadows. We drove on by giving them no notice.

Psalm 91:1-2, NASB,“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!”

We headed northwest toward Prescott Road near the Bear River to anoint the seventh River of this trip at 2:22 PM. We poured oil off the bridge, sounded the Shofar the final time, gave thanks to the MOST HIGH GOD. I looked up and noticed the Eagles had followed us over the ridge to join in the LORD’s blessing over our great county. Eight eagles (six American Bald Eagles, two Golden Eagles). There is a photo to verify this because to be honest, had I not seen it, I might be thinking that is just not possible because Golden Eagles and American Eagles do not normally travel together. 

Yet, a new prophetic season is before us and the LORD is making HIS own declarations over America. The LORD GOD had a convocation of Eagles of HIS Own Accord.  GOD is truly infinite and so much more without measure larger than we can think or imagine.

Ephesians 3:20-21, NASB,“Now to HIM who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to HIM be the GLORY in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.”

The drive home was quiet as we remained in awe of the day. We stopped at a local restaurant in McKinleyville for refreshment on the way home. More red-tail hawks flitted in the heavens as we returned to McKinleyville.
We arrived home after traveling 145 miles in rain, fog, mist, and moments of sunshine. The mileage on the truck 200,449.miles.

Giving thanks to the LORD for Charlie my driver, navigator, friend, brother, and kindred spirit. The immense joy of traveling with Charlie is that we share the same passion, the same purpose, the same mission statement, the same agenda. HIS NAME IS YESHUA!

In the evening, we gathered at Joe and Trudy’s. It was a lovely evening of sweet fellowship. I stayed the night there with plans to meet Charlie at church in the morning.

03.20.2016 – Sunday – About 30 days before departing on this journey, the pastor of Charlie’s church contacted me about sharing regarding the 2016 American Prayer Journey, promising to give me time to share and to take an offering for HGRM. 

I met Charlie at church at 9:45 AM. The electricity went out when he put in A432 Music for California – Oceans and Rivers just as I was parking in the parking lot. The timing was unique in that a vehicle hit an electrical pole, two blocks away at the same time the A432 music began which was written for healing the land of California. It was like GOD turned off the power in the church so that HIS POWER would preside.

Charlie blew the Shofar to bring things into order as without the sound system, heat, music and lights there seemed to be much chaos among the congregation.

Then Charlie and I were invited to share about the Eagles (since there was no sound system, lights, or music) but then our presentation was cut short. We shared about 10 minutes and I noticed the Pastor tapping his watch. So, I stopped and asked if the 30-minute timeline had changed. He said, “Wrap it up!” So, I immediately went to the back of the church and Charlie closed with a couple of sentences. As we were heading out the door, the Pastor’s spouse stood up and announced they would like to pray over me before I left.

Truly there are times when I think it is wisdom is to just keep walking, but to honor Charlie, I stayed. The truth is they were not interested in praying for me, they wanted information on the eagle sighting to give to their local news station. As a seer, for me it was all a bit uncomfortable. As soon as my feet crossed the threshold of the church at 11:55 AM, the natural power was returned and the supernatural power departed.

As a traveling itinerant minister, I have seen many things in churches, I am not always treated with dignity, honor, or respect, and so I simply forgive, move forward, embracing the will and call of GOD upon my life. If one reads the Gospels, those that followed YESHUA were not always treated with dignity, honor, or respect either. It is simply a part of ministry.

John 4:23-24, NASB, Yeshua said, “But an hour is coming and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be HIS worshipers. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Charlie and I went to lunch, then stopped by some mutual friends that I had not seen in years. Charlie loves to connect the body of Christ. It is one of his gifts: Community Connections.

We returned to Joe and Trudy’s later in the afternoon. It was a lovely evening with food, friends, family, and fellowship.

Trudy gave me a Glory Ring to finish – which went to the Fish River, in Alabama. That was a sweet gift, as some years ago Trudy was one of HGRM's handmaidens and made Prophetic Glory Rings for the Rivers of America.

Trudy also promised to make me a Scepter which I simply cannot wait to receive and see. She is very anointed and I am so looking forward to this gift.

03.21.2016 – Monday –  My heart was full and happy as I departed McKinleyville at 8:00 AM and traveled east along the Trinity Highway stopping at the “Strawhouse” for breakfast as per Charlie’s recommendation. He was right…it is a great place to shop and eat.  Beautiful scenery. Beautiful art work. Beautiful atmosphere. The day was filled with numerous road construction delays so I did not arrive in Acampo until about 4:30 PM after driving through Sacramento, the Capital City of California to pray.

The good news is the draught in Northern California is over and the water levels in the lakes are above normal. For this we give thanksgiving and praise to YESHUA!

Acampo is the place where I took my mom and aunt last year to visit cousins, so I thought I might just take one day of vacation in Acampo, promising myself not to answer my phone, an email, a text, or open my computer for 24 hours. And I did just that! Don and Shirley are very warm and welcoming and I am grateful to come here again, if ever so briefly.

03.22.2016 – Tuesday – The Day at the Ranch. I walked around the ranch, praying, blessing the land. Don drove me to the outside borders of the ranch, sharing with me, the history of the 100 acre farm and I poured out oil wherever we stopped. Don and Shirley welcome me like family. It is a sweet reprieve. An authentic day of rest during this year of “The American Prayer Journey.”

Don and Shirley took me to “Wholey Ravioli” restaurant for dinner. It is a local’s favorite and has wonderful pasta. It was a very blessed evening. I entreated upon them to tell me their love story as they have been married over 50 years.

03.23.2016 – Wednesday – Leaving about 7:00 AM, I drove home to Bend, Oregon. This was an easy trip with no construction, arriving after 3:00 PM. PTL! Spending the time in prayer, thanksgiving, and praise for my FATHER’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

The American Prayer Journey is closer to closure since Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, California, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi have all have had anointing oil, salt and wine poured on them this year. The LORD asked me to go to the four corners of America and the heart of America in 2016 in preparation for the American Presidential Election in the fall. The New England States and Kansas are still on the list as well as other places of the LORD’s purpose. It is a journey of extreme faith.

Yours for YESHUA,

One who soars with eagles,

Jennifer Lynn Easton Joy, M.Div., Ordained Minister