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Journal of Joy

97 ~ Oregon – Washington – Canada – Idaho - Montana

February 25, 2016 – March 4, 2016

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2016

02.25.2016 – Thursday – Arose at 6:30 AM and finished preparing and packing for the trip. Departing at 8:33 AM, mileage 119,010, 45 degrees. Stopped in Redmond, Oregon to fill the vehicle with fuel and dropped by Versie’s for prayer (she has been a faithful HGRM Intercessor and precious friend since 1998), then I headed north to Spokane, Washington. It was truly an easy driving trip with no obstacles, construction, weather challenges or insane drivers. Thank you YESHUA! I do so love the favor and blessing of ABBA ADONAI!

Signs along the way: 100469, 145, 888, 45 degrees, 151 (two times), 8855, Gold Crown, Alpha-Omega
The only challenge today was my right eye had huge circular light flashes, floaters, etc. It was very distracting. I viewed it as a warning regarding the trip to pay attention, keep both my physical and spiritual eyes open, stay focused on GOD’s assignments – HIS purpose in the journey.

I arrived in Spokane about 3:30 PM and visited with Shana, Jayden, Dixie, Ron, Lyne and Nicole until dinner was served by Miss Dixie, the queen of hospitality.  I am staying at Shawna’s and enjoy the peaceful, Christian atmosphere of her dwelling place.

As per usual, Miss Dixie had placed chocolates, lotion, perfume, and fresh cut tulips in the guest room to welcome me. Miss Dixie has been an HGRM Intercessor and dear friend since 1999.

02.26.2016 - Friday – Following an easy, gentle morning in prayer, Sophie, a friend of Jack Van Hatten called and asked me to pray with her for Jack, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a couple of weeks ago. Jack called me the day of the diagnosis and so I prayed with him then, and times again since then. Jack, a passionate evangelist, trusted friend and prayer warrior wrote the North American Indigenous Prayer Shield for HGRM in 2011. Sophie was very upset, so I spent an hour on the phone with her. (22 days later, Jack (1963-2016) went home to be with YESHUA. It was a quick, harsh, losing battle with cancer. Jack is a rare and priceless gift to heaven. Many hearts were breaking over his abrupt departure. 

I spent a bit of time with Shana and Jayden before they left for the day, then I prepared to go to lunch with Dixie and Lyne (sisters). We planned to meet Judy at The Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and I was blessed to introduce Dixie and Lyne to Judy, a long-time resident of Spokane and another faithful HGRM Intercessor.

In the evening, Jayden gave me a used Ipad and Shana, his mother (a tech genius) spent a lot of time setting it up and repairing the Iphone so I could use the email again. I believe the kindness of GOD shows up just when we need it most.

02.27.2016 – Saturday – More family arrived from Wenatchee this morning, so we all spent the day visiting, laughing, talking, and of course, eating an amazing brunch of steak, salmon, salad, and all the trimmings. It was a wonderful family time and I felt very honored and loved to be included. They were all quite gracious in welcoming me into their family.

02.28.2016 – Sunday -
The following email arrived from HGRM Intercessor, Jane Perkins: On Feb 28, 2016, at 5:30 PM, Jane Perkins <janeperkins77@gmail.com> wrote:

Dearest Minister Jennifer,
Hello, dear Lady. As I was praying over your trip to the headwaters of the Colombia River just now, I saw Jesus on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias. That is where early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus until after the miraculous catch of fish. I believe that Yeshua is going ahead of you and will surely be there. I believe that what you will be doing is of great significance: "they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish," (John 21:6). Surely you will be given instructions as Jesus instructed the disciples to "throw the net on the right side of the boat." I am excited about this, Minister Joy!
Jane Perkins
Thousand Oaks, CA
02.28.2016 – Sunday – Arising early as sleep was evasive, I answered emails and did a bit of computer work, until I left about 9:30 AM to meet my brother, Mark, his wife, Chris and my nephew, Jacob in the Spokane Valley for a soccer game. It was good to have a bit of time with my family before heading north to Colville, Washington.

Constance lives a few miles north of Colville. Along the way, there is an American Bald Eagle nest to the right and often one can see the eagles in the nest, perched in a tree near the nest or soaring above. When I arrived, I was settled in the guest room with the name of “FAITH” on the door.

While visiting in the evening, Constance mentioned that her deceased husband’s ashes were still in the closet and wondered what to do with them as he requested no memorial service or funeral whatsoever. So, I suggested that we take Shel’s ashes with us the next day and distribute them in the Columbia River. Constance was amiable to the suggestion.

When I left the bedroom in the morning, the wall sticker “FAITH” had fallen to the floor. I did not see it and stepped on it. Hilariously, “FAITH” is stuck to my not-yet healed feet, “FAITH” is stuck to my path, “FAITH” is stuck to my ordered steps. Sometimes GOD makes the obvious, well, even more obvious and then even more obvious. I believe this life on earth is truly a ‘WALK OF FAITH!’

02.29.2016 – Monday – In the morning, Constance changed her mind about driving, so we left about 9:00 AM in my 2008 Nissan Pathfinder, a remarkable gift to HGRM in 2013. In travel, I have learned to be flexible and it made sense to me since the day was going to include the spreading of her husband’s ashes, that perhaps driving was not the best choice for her. As my GPS does not function in Canada, I can see in advance the day is going to have some challenges. As we have taken this journey before, I am trusting divine guidance.

The mileage is 119,555 as we head for Kettle Falls. My birthday (119) and Isaiah 55:5 once again. It is clear, that even though my natural vision has had some challenges with the light flashes and floaters, my spiritual vision has increased exponentially as I can see things in the spiritual realm in this territory that I had not seen before. It is with the understanding that GOD gives us spiritual vision as we have grown in faith to walk in the authority that mirrors the vision.

Signs along the way: Eagle Lane, Eagle flying overhead.

We stopped where the Kettle River flows into the Columbia River for Constance to pour out Shel’s ashes. I prayed and poured out anointing oil, salt, wine, and then heartily sounded the Shofar. I noted the time was 10:10 and quoted John 10:10 to the heavens. The mileage was 119576 and it was 42 degrees. It was my first time to join anyone on the release of their loved one’s ashes. I felt honored and humbled that Constance asked me. My hope was to honor her husband and their life together on earth.

I picked up a large granite stone as we were leaving to give to Constance as a ‘headstone for Shel’. He had asked for nothing – no memorial, no gravestone, no service, no wake, no going away party, nothing. His ashes had been in her closet for over 3 years. It was a relief to take care of it, yet participating in this task also changed the atmosphere of the day.

The most relevant message from the Holy Spirit to me personally today was “not to carry the ashes of the past into the next season.”

John 10:9-11, NASB,“I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I CAME THAT THEY MAY HAVE LIFE, AND HAVE IT ABUNDANTLY! I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

When we stopped at Kamloop’s Park, the Border Patrol asked us where we were from. We explained our purpose of coming to Canada to pray a blessing over the land. He smiled and nodded. Then as we were leaving the park, he pulled up behind us and honked. He came to the driver’s window and gave us directions on places to go to the Columbia River. He was very nice and interested in helping us on our mission to “pray over the land.” It was clearly the LORD’s favor and blessing.

And just when I needed the day to have a little more sunshine, Constance unpacked Molasses Cookies….my grandmother’s recipe. She had packed much more for us to nibble on but truly the Molasses cookies were over-the-top. It was the taste of home baked love.

We crossed into Canada at Laurier Border Crossing at 10:45 AM, mileage 119590 (my birthday – January 19 and my grandmother’s birthday – May 9) … seriously.

Signs along the way: 269

At 11:00 AM we stopped at Christina Lake, purchased a road map, along with a Bounty candy bar (that was prophetic) and Caribou Ginger Ale. Well, what I do know is that Caribou Ginger Ale is not available in Oregon and I was here to experience Canada. Smiles. There was way too much snow to go to the headwaters of the Columbia River so I had to be content with pouring oil, salt and wine in the Columbia River in Canada.

We drove through Bonanza Pass and then stopped at 11:25 AM near the Paulson Bridge, where I parked alongside of the road and took photos of the beautiful snow-covered mountains. The air is crisp and clean. The scenery is extravagant. Winter is still very present in these mountains.

At 11:45 AM we drove through Strawberry Pass and then through the Seven Summits and Red Mountain Ski Resort at 11:50 AM.

By 12:50 PM we were driving through Rossland, Warfield Villages of the Kootnenay, Trail and Montrose City, British Columbia. Slightly past Fort Shepard we stopped to throw oil, wine, and salt into the very turbulent waters of the converging Beaver Creek and Columbia River (Mileage 119,659).

At 1:00 PM, we were greeted by the Border Patrol Customs employees. Gratefully they accepted our passports and let us back into America. I like coming home to America.

We reached Northport in fifteen minutes and prayed over this city.

Heading south, at 1:51 PM, we stopped at the China Bend Boat Launch (Mileage 119683) and prayed Psalm 133 over the 1234 miles of the Columbia River and surrounding areas. I poured anointing oil, salt, and wine.

Psalm 133, NASB,“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers (and sisters) to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard, coming down upon the edge of his robes. It is like the dew of Hermon coming down upon the mountains of Zion; For there the LORD commanded the blessing – LIFE FOREVER!”

Signs along the way: 88KEYZ

At 2:53 PM we stopped at Bradbury Beach along the Columbia River. We walked to the shoreline where the Colville River flows into Columbia River (Mileage 119712). I poured the fourth bottle of oil, wine and salt praying healing and restoration over the land and those who dwell along the rivers of America.  

Then we headed home, grateful for journey to be completed. We enjoyed a peaceful evening of sweet repose. Constance and I have been friends since we met in 2001, and she has remained a faithful HGRM intercessor as well. Over the years she has graciously offered her time and talents to HGRM! The LORD’s kindness is in this place.

03.01.2016 – Tuesday – Constance and I drove into Colville this morning to meet Bill and Cari of the Colville Worship Center where I would be ministering this evening. Then we stopped by a couple of thrift stores always looking for Worship Instrument supplies and intentionally purposing to sow something into every community where I travel. Then we met a friend of Constance’s for lunch and provided prayer ministry to her. 

The evening held the sweet atmosphere of the Colville Worship Center Home Church. The Holy Spirit entreated me to share about the A432 music project, the Plumb Line Vision for America and HIS 2016 American Prayer Journey. Then I prayed for those who came up for prayer and a blessing over the CWC.

03.02.2016– Wednesday - In the morning, Constance prepared a lovely breakfast as is her nature before I departed. The LORD was pressing me to drive over to Plains, Montana to visit Katie Lou Rosenow, an HGRM Intercessor who I met in 2001 at a Beginning Glory Ring Workshop. So, I opted to add a couple of days to the journey and see what the Holy Spirit wanted me to see.

At 10:57 AM the mileage 119888.

Signs along the way: John 10:10, 11:33, Watch for Changing Conditions, American Horse, Bridal Horse

There are times when I know that I know that I know that the LORD has sent me and this was one of those times. In the last six months, Katie Lou’s home of 40 years sold and her family moved her into an apartment. In recent phone conversations, I could tell she was struggling, so I needed to see for myself, how she was really doing, as complaining was just not common in her communication. When I arrived, I was very surprised, as it looked like she moved in six days ago, not six months ago, so I worked for eight hours unpacking, hanging pictures, watering plants, cleaning house, and organizing cupboards. As the kitchen was still not completely unpacked, Katie Lou took me to dinner and then she ordered for me a HUGE Montana Prime Rib Steak which was enough food for three or four people. Anyhow, she laughed and said it was a “Huge Montana Thank You” for all my work.

03.03.2016– Wednesday – This morning I took Katie Lou to her physical therapy appointment then went shopping at some thrift stores. The mileage turned over to 120,000 at 8:58 AM.

Before leaving town, I asked Katie Lou if she would play a song for me. Since her piano was included in the sale of her home, we went to her church and she played some worship songs and sang. It was a sweet gift for me to hear her play and sing again. Then I treated her to lunch at one of our favorite places in Plains. It was a time of sweet reflection and pure delight.

Katie Lou, a woman of great faith and a pioneering spirit, has been a faithful friend of HGRM for many years. We spoke over the phone frequently. Kathryn Lou Rosenow (1937-2016) went home to be with the LORD, just a few days before I was planning to see her in November later this year. Truly a loss for earth and a sweet blessing for heaven.

Returning to Spokane, I stopped in Idaho along the way to pray at some familiar places. I heard the LORD say, “This season is coming to a close. There is much to finish before Passover.” I am remembering HIS request to pray for, put my feet on the ground, of the four corner border States of America before Passover and then to Kansas before Pentecost.

After arriving in Spokane about 4:30 PM, I spent some time in rest and prayer as I am finding this trip to be much more emotionally exhausting than the last one.  After another lovely dinner by Miss Dixie, we visited for a while and then I retired early.

03.04.2016 – Thursday – Sometimes the obvious is just the obvious, and I realize the last four days of this trip are – March Fourth – I am marching forth out of sheer determination and obedience to my FATHER. I arrived home safely, with gratitude. The flashing light in my right eye has been intermittent since I began this journey. I am wondering if I am seeing all that GOD wants me to see. I called my eye doctor and he referred me to Orion Eye Center in Bend…an appointment set on 04.12.2016.

After arriving home and unpacking the vehicle, Moshe, a friend from Bend, came over about 8:30 PM to help me with the computer. When I did the updates on Microsoft HP – the Microsoft Suite and Outlook Express disappeared because they have parted ways. So, Moshe uploaded the Microsoft Suite again. That was a gift. However, I am still without Outlook Express which is going to take some adjustments.

At the close of the day, Moshe Justin Morgan was ordained as the Holy Spirit had requested. Then we spent some time in prayer and communion.


Jennifer Joy

P.S. The 04.12.216 Orion Eye Center eye appointment revealed that there are no tears in my retina and that my vision is 20/20. For this I give thanksgiving and praise as during this trip the LORD graciously returned my vision to 20/20 which had been a declaration and prayer since my 52nd year when I was informed that I would need lens for distance. God is faithful!