HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4


November 9, 2016

©Jennifer Lynn Easton Joy

The last few pre-election days have been spent praying over western Montana beneath a warm, golden sun. The time has changed from standard to daylight. We drove north to Whitefish last night for an Election Celebration Dinner with great tangible faith in GOD's supreme favor and kindness to America. Grateful that millions around the world had taken up the shield of faith in prayer for America. 

As you might know, I do not have a TV, therefore, I have not been subject to the blatant media bias as some of you have endured. Last month, while I was in Tennessee, I watched only one of the Presidential Debates. My life has intentionally been more about prayer than TV. 
After the celebration dinner, at a local favorite which could be easily rated 5 Star in quality of atmosphere, food, and service, we returned to the hotel room. When the score was 209 to 254, twelve very tall, luminescent Red, White and Blue Angels came into the room and escorted me to heaven. It is the first time for me to see angels in this format, function, and movement. It was all delightfully new and exciting.
My traveling companion did not see the angels but noticed that my breathing changed. Others have said the same thing when I am among them and the angels come to take me on a heavenly visit. It is true breathing in heaven is different than breathing on earth.

The trip to heaven was quick in earth's time. 1.2.3... When I arrived a countless sea of saints and angels were singing, "America the Beautiful" and then I cried (even though there are no tears in heaven) .... tears of indescribable joy! Across the waves of music, light, joy, sound, color, and beauty familiar faces of faithful intercessors and saints emerged. The Holiness factor of HIS Presence is staggering in this place. PAPA GOD smiled and said, "I thought you might like to see the Victory from this view!" As always, I am honored and humbled to be in HIS presence at any time, in any place, with any of HIS creation.

I returned at 3:21 AM. It seems the LORD is launching a NEW BEGINNING, A SECOND CHANCE FOR AMERICA! I only recall the first few moments of the six plus hours of being away. 

In the hot humid, summer of 2001, while in New York, driving past the Trump Towers, the LORD asked me to pray for Donald Trump. I did not understand why at the time; HIS purposes seem more clear now. At that time, I added his name to my daily prayers. 30 days later we began the Jubilee Prayers for America, praying for one State in America each week. Eleven days later was 09.11.2011 which we all remember.

In June 2013, while at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington DC, where I first heard Donald Trump speak, the LORD said, "He is my last TRUMP for America!" I did not really understand at the time what HE meant, yet now it seems clear.

As I have written the States of America Prayers for 15 years, as we have prayed for America, one State each week for 15 years, the prayer bowls in heaven have been filling up. Some have prayed with us one week, some have prayed one year, and some have prayed for 15 years. I remain grateful for anyone who has prayed with us at any time for America because this is MY AMERICA!

Some years the writing of the States Prayers was exceedingly challenging with computer crashes, website challenges, time crunches, etc. I believe the reason I was allowed the sweet visit to heaven last evening is simply because PAPA GOD wanted me to know that HE was answering all those years of prayers. BECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL AND TRUE!

I am writing this because I want you to know your prayers made a difference. And whatever challenge is before you this day. KEEP PRAYING! KEEP BELIEVING! KEEP HOPING! BECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL AND TRUE!