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The 8th Day of Chanukah
I was standing before the throne of God. Although many call this place a “throne room” – it is quite a bit larger than a room, even larger than a large room. It is not constructed like a room on earth. There are no nails or boards or windows. The expanse of heaven is not really confined to our earthly confines of time or space or width or depth or height. As I have noted when visiting this space on previous occasions there is the absence of any negative energy, exhaustion, uncertainty, concern, pain, or doubt. All I can feel is peace, love, hope, joy, kindness, life, trust, and positive energy. I have never sat in this place. There are no chairs. Angels are everywhere. I like to stand and watch. I like to stand and hear the sounds, the resonations, the movements of worship. It sounds like the ocean waves, the winds in the olive trees, the birdsong in the mornings, the rumblings under the earth’s crust, the vibrations of colors, lightning striking the air, thunder rolling inside the clouds, rain pelting the earth, a little child’s song, meteors soaring through heavens, stars singing, the newborn’s heartbeat…it is the sound of holy worship. Pure worship. Pure adoration. 

This morning I am standing and I am watching. My heart is happy. This is my not only my happy place it is my favorite place to be. I have been summoned as I have been summoned before. It is not the first time. It will not be the last time. Sometimes I am escorted through portals. Sometimes it is in the twinkling of an eye and I immediately arrive without the awareness of traveling to this place. I am grateful for a moment to come home. I do not ask to stay here anymore as I know being summoned is an honor and gift. I am grateful. I belong to God not to myself. HIS will is my will. I stand and I watch. This is the place YESHUA brings me when HE invites me to intercede with HIM, as HE is always at the right hand of the FATHER. 

When I return to earth, I know this will sound completely ridiculous. I know in advance some will reject and ridicule me. Yet, when I am here it is perfectly normal. I stand and I watch. Deeply breathing in the sounds, the atmosphere, the glory of heaven knowing it will sustain me in the time to come. Acutely aware that each assignment that is completed means a new one will be issued. Experientially I know that each thing I have struggled to learn is preparing me for the next place HE will send me. I find when I read my own writing that past, present and future tense verbs are often used in the same sentence if not the same paragraph. It is the influence of heaven. It is how I view life. On earth we use a calendar to record events, to create a chronological history. Yet in this place there are no clocks or calendars hanging on the walls. There is only the Alpha and the Omega. It is really quite something. Although members of my family are living in this expansive space, they are not the reason for my visit. I will not see them during this time.

The color of the atmosphere today is liquid melted gold. It is translucent. It is filled with light. Everything here has light in it, on it, around it, under it and through it….light is everywhere. Light is like the DNA of heaven. It is like the sunrise of each morning on earth only brighter, cleaner, and clearer. There is no pollution in this place like in the earth’s atmosphere. I am standing and I am watching. An angel brings something that looks like a crystal pitcher of water to PAPA GOD (ABBA ADONAI). HE looks at me. I know I am to pay close attention. I am standing and I am watching. The pitcher holds approximately two liters of liquid on earth. That is the approximate size. When PAPA (ABBA) takes a hold of the handle, it lights up. Then the light fills, covers and surrounds the whole pitcher. One might say it is illuminated. I am standing and I am watching. PAPA (ABBA) looks at me again. I know I am to pay very close attention. I notice tiny filigree writing on the pitcher. As the light fills the pitcher, I can see the filigree writing. It is ancient. It is HIS handwriting. It is the ancient of days.  It is beautiful. It is tiny. I cannot read it. The light in the pitcher becomes like fluorescent gold. PAPA (ABBA) looks at me every time there is a shift or a change to see if I am noticing what HE is doing. I know this is a test. I must concentrate on every minute detail and observe closely to HIS every movement. I cannot allow myself to be distracted, even though angels are everywhere and there is so much going on around me. I am intentionally staying focused. PAPA nods. I know that means I am on track, that I have stayed in tune with HIM. That HE does not have to start over again which HE has countless times before when I have missed something. HE placed HIS left hand under the pitcher, and the weight of the pitcher rests in HIS palm while turning the side with the pouring spout (a small indention in the shape of a V is designed in the crystal) to face me. I am standing and I am watching. HE then tilted the pitcher very, very slowly and an illuminated gold liquid poured out in very tiny droplets….one at a time. I am standing and I am watching. I am wondering whether to watch the gold droplets or to watch PAPA (ABBA). HE smiles at me. I watch HIM. I watch HIS face. I glance at HIS hands, the pitcher and the gold droplets and then back to HIS face. Then HE spoke, “THIS IS THE RIVER OF GOD.” I looked at HIM quizzically as I could not see a river, only a few droplets of gold liquid. HE spoke again, “THIS IS THE RIVER OF GOD!” I stepped back a few steps, stood and watched. The droplets became a river of gold liquid immediately. Large. Deep. Wide. Pouring from HIS throne. I stood and I watched. I knew intellectually the crystal water pitcher was significant but I was too overwhelmed by HIS glory to really think about what HE was showing me symbolically or what message I was to bring back. I stood and I watched. All the sounds of worship ceased and everyone focused on HIM and stood and watched, as I continued to stand and watch. HE continued to pour out the golden droplets…slowly…yet when they connected with the forming river they enlarged, expanded immediately…exponentially.  The only sound was the sound of the droplets touching the water and merging with the river. It was barely a whisper. It was an immediate convergence. I could see the river pouring out of heaven to the earth. I stood and I watched. PAPA (ABBA) continued to pour ever so slowly as if each single drop made a significant difference. I am sure each drop did make a difference. I stood, I watched and I waited until HE was finished. This I have learned. Not to rush off when PAPA (ABBA) is speaking or doing something, but to wait until HE is completely finished. I think it is why HIS name is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. There is no opportunity to leave in the middle of anything. HE always finishes HIS work. HE always completes HIS word. HE always fulfills HIS promises. HE is completely trustworthy. As the last drop poured out of the pitcher, HE looked at me and nodded, and HE spoke once again, “THIS IS THE RIVER OF GOD!” I want to ask questions like “What does that mean? Where does it go? Who is it for? How long will it last? Can I go wading? Will it heal people? Are there fish in it?” PAPA (ABBA) handed the empty pitcher to the angel.

I remembered JESUS (YESHUA) turning the water into wine, HIS first recorded miracle on earth, water pitchers filled with the first new covenant wine, even though the guests at the wedding unrecognized it as such (John 2:1). I wondered who will recognize this River of God? Who will have eyes to see? Who will hear the sound of this river? PAPA (ABBA) opened HIS hands to me and I climbed onto HIS lap and lay my head against HIS chest as HE knows I love the sound of HIS heartbeat. HE knows this is my favorite place. HE places HIS hand on my head and I understand that HE is somehow answering my questions even though we are not talking. I am grateful to be resting in HIS arms, soaking in HIS strength, basking in HIS power. My eyes are closed. I am truly soaking in the Glory and Presence of the MOST HIGH GOD. HE is sustaining me. I am finite, HE is not. There is a remarkable difference between infinity and finite. There is a remarkable difference between time and timelessness. 

When I returned to earth it was very clear to me that the golden River of God would first pour out into Israel and then be dispersed throughout the earth from that land. As this visitation happened on the 8th day of Chanukah, I am certain the River of God, this golden river is divine holy anointing oil,  provision, wisdom, discernment, breakthrough, hope, healing, help, truth, light, love, protection, life, health, sustenance, and YAHWEH’s presence in a different dimension than we have ever known on earth before this time. A paradigm shift has taken place. It is HIS timelessness entering into our time. It is the 8th Day. It is the Day of New Beginnings.