HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

Pastor Dave Kelso and Jennifer Joy, Minister, Robertsdale, AL, USA

Journal of Joy
Foley and Robertsdale, AL, USA
October 2007
Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2008
10.08.07 ~ Monday ~ Ten days earlier my left hand was injured at work (I work part-time as an On-Call) and I went in this morning to have the stitches removed – even though the incision was not quite healed. Somewhere between the torn ligament in my right shoulder from a car wreck in 2005, which left my right arm weak and the injury to my left hand I was feeling very incapable and incompetent for this ministry trip. It seems when I am at my weakest, HE asks for the most.

Twenty-one individuals had registered for the Beginning and Advanced Workshops, which were being held back-to-back: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I had never taught this format before and did not know how I would physically be able to manage the schedule. It was Jan’s heart to incorporate worship evenings with the workshops and put two workshops into one weekend, therefore we were experiencing a completely new schedule. There is a lot to prepare for and PAPA was stretching me to new horizons and causing me to be desperate for HIS strength.
10.09.07 ~ Tuesday ~ The night flight to Atlanta, Georgia was filled with screaming babies and the Atlanta airport seemed peaceful compared to the flight. The short flight to Pensacola was also filled with crying babies and I was grateful to be on the ground with luggage in hand, on my way to a quiet French Restaurant with Jan Hicks of Christians United Ministries.  The truth is that I am pretty certain that wherever Jesus Christ went in ministry there were probably crying babies and absolutely no quiet French Restaurants to find a peaceful reprieve. I am grateful for the grace and mercy of GOD!
Jan and I went to some fabric and craft stores to purchase supplies for the workshops as weight limitation on luggage has been a challenge. The Holy Spirit indicated some strategic places in Pensacola that we would be praying over next week before I flew home to Oregon.
Sleep came easy that evening. Smiles. I have had the privilege of staying with Don and Jan before and was grateful to be welcomed so warmly in southern hospitality style.
10.10.07 ~ Wednesday ~ There is something to be said for a late fall, warm winds and a breakfast on the terrace with a friend that also understands the never ending challenges of ministry and the ways in which ELOHIM meets my every need. The day was filled with many personal blessings, shopping including time to adjust to time zone, weather and cultural changes.
Before flying out, the nurse applied surgical-superglue to surgical strips to hold my finger together and my skin is allergic to the glue so now there are burning welts around the incision. I will worship YOU (ELOHIM) no matter what! (Most of you know that the stitches were not done correctly and my hand required surgery three months later in December which meant that so many ministry tasks such as writing Journals of Joy were delayed for months.)
On a rare occasion, I will share personal challenges that I have experienced on a ministry outreach because I want you to know that I am a real person and that ministry has some very challenging moments. For me, it truly has required absolute trust in ELOHIM.
10.11.07 ~ Thursday ~ The morning-afternoon was spent preparing the tinsel, polyester fiberfill (handles and centers) and other supplies for the workshops. We met at the church at 6 pm for a sound check and then the evening held the teaching portion of the Beginning Workshop.
Jan introduced me and then asked for testimonies from last year’s workshop. It was so sweet to see what the LORD had brought forth in a few months. I also briefly met Pastor Dave and Linda Kelso of Faith Fellowship Church in Robertsdale, AL who were sharing their facility for our gathering.
The Holy Spirit asked me to dance over the group to the song “You are so Beautiful” as a message to them from PAPA GOD. The glory fell at that time and from that time forward, I could not really see anyone because of the golden glory mist hovering over them.  Following the teaching, I released everyone with a corporate prayer and an open time for ministry.
Through the mist, I see Pastor Dave and Linda walking intentionally in my direction. In the spirit realm they are two pillars of white light with gold fire swirling around. And I am thinking…mercy JESUS, you are sending to pillars of fire to me?
Pastor Dave said that the LORD had told him to pray for me and so he placed his large hands on either side of my head with his thumbs near my throat. All of my insides are trembling and I silently asked, “PAPA?” HE poured HIS peace and comfort over me and said, “THESE ARE MY HANDS.”  I intentionally took a deep breath and purposed to receive all that PAPA G had for me. I held very still not wanting to miss anything that the HOLY SPIRIT was imparting through Pastor Dave’s hands and prayer. Lynda stood with him and slightly touched my left arm. His voice was a deep resonating voice like one who sings and the prayer was filled with kind, gentle words of encouragement, gratitude, faith and the consuming loving fire of ELOHIM. I was deeply moved and knew PAPA G had so ordained this moment in time and this place in Alabama. My heart and spirit were very connected in the spirit realm to Dave and Linda.  Those that gathered continued to pray and worship until about 10:30 pm.
10.12.07 ~ Friday ~ I arose at 4 am which is a typical time to pray when I travel. Jan had a previous engagement this morning, so Diana came over to drive me to the church to set up for the workshop. Susan met us there to help as well. They were beyond efficient and we were completely set up for the afternoon session of the beginning workshop in an hour.
We met Jan and Brenda at “MaMa Lu’s” for lunch. I do believe one might call what this restaurant served in the buffet line authentic southern cooking served with southern sweet tea. I laughed when we drove up and saw the railroad spikes on the outside wall of the restaurant. Similar to the one that Randy Freiberg from Moorpark, CA made for me. And I am very clear that the Holy Spirit is giving me insight to take the presence of the enemy “out of the tent” regarding this territory in Alabama, as Jael did when she took out the leader of the enemy forces. The Holy Spirit was speaking to me about three specific locations in Robertsdale, Alabama that HE would set up for me to pour out anointing oil and pray over.  I am clearly cognizant that Ephesians 6 is our guideline for spiritual warfare even to the point of listing different tools of warfare depending on the situation.
We arrived at the church at 12:30 pm and the second half of the Beginning Workshop was very full with 23 people and time for 11 prophetic words.  Lamar facilitated the sound for the weekend and that made my life amazingly easy not to have to manage a tape recorder and microphone at the same time. PTL! 
Often the schedules of pastors do not allow them to participate in a workshop even when it is held in their facility, so I was extremely blessed to have Pastor Dave and Lynda participate in both workshops and all the worship sets.  Also, usually at each workshop someone will do something with the creation of their Glory Ring that I have never seen before…and it just delights me to see the creative power and energy of ELOHIM being released to HIS sons and daughters. And to watch them embrace the NEW that HE is doing in and through them. Glory to JESUS! Pastor Dave’s ring was this kind of worship instrument and he somehow designed a way for the Glory Ring to hold a bottle of anointing oil. I remain amazed!
God’s kindness was expressed this day with the presence of nine HGRM intercessors at this workshop and another 100 interceding around the earth for this worship gathering. For HIS eternal glory!
Before the evening worship gathering, we set up for the Advanced Workshop in the morning and I am beginning to see how PAPA G had this all planned in advance…I just need to move immediately when HE moves and stay in balanced harmony and rhythm of HIS purposes.
Evening worship began at 7 pm…and I was rather undone with the five Shofars that began the sound of worship and then Pastor Dave leading worship with guitar (I did not know he was a worship leader) and Twila was at the keyboard. I know many of you wonder about angels and worship. The truth is angels always worship whether you can see them or not. They are seen in various forms as is indicated in the Scriptures. In many of these photos you will see light orbs of various sizes. There is one that is particularly bright and intense. It is my first time to see this particular angel and then was surprised to see this same one again in the photos of the Salem, Oreon workshop in November. Oh sweet JESUS! Do come! And bring Your Angelic Host with YOU, please!
10.13.07 ~ Saturday ~ Whenever the Holy Spirit requires a new format, a new structure that includes and embraces more of HIS power and glory, there is also new warfare. This weekend was no exception and it is with deep gratitude to faithful intercessors around the world that I express my appreciation!
Two that were not previously registered attended the workshop. There was enough remnant tinsel from the order that we placed for the workshop for two extra Glory Rings. It was just sweet to me that the Holy Spirit made sure enough tinsel was ordered so that these two people would be able to participate. I love that about HIM, how HE takes care of details that I do not know anything about.
Many struggled through the day as the Advanced Workshop is just that…advanced in the construction of the worship instrument, hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, following directions, spiritual warfare, spiritual growth and spiritual maturity. Yet, the Holy Spirit was faithful and everyone finished their Glory Rings on time. PTL!
Lamar continued to provide faithful service with the sound system seeming to know what I needed before I could ask. I so appreciated his servant’s heart throughout the weekend.
Someone asked me about teaching them how “I do flags” and I said, “All I have is the hands of JESUS over my hands. I just follow HIS lead.” So I anointed everyone’s hands to receive the faith and trust to allow the Holy Spirit to teach them how to worship more fully in spirit and in truth. It is not entertainment (one demanding to be the center of attention) nor is it performance (one demanding applause). It is worship…eyes riveted on the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS!
Pastor Dave and Linda invited me to dinner and I was grateful to have the time as the Holy Spirit had revealed some things to me that I needed to discuss with them privately before Sunday Morning service and this was the only time to do that. It was a small pocket of time before 7 pm worship but it was all that was needed to accomplish the things of GOD. Sometimes it is so easy for us to say, “I don’t have time to do that” when there really is ample time if we would just stop talking about it and do what the LORD is asking. HE always makes a way for HIS plans and purposes.
The evening worship was once again over the top anointed with the glory and presence of the LORD GOD surrounding us, encompassing us, embracing us, healing us, transforming us and loving us with relentless passion.
10.14.07 ~ Sunday ~ This was my second time to actually preach in a Sunday Morning church service and so I found myself clinging to the LORD in a new way. Pastor Dave was very generous and gracious. He introduced me by reading two testimonies out of my book and that was such a surprise to me. I felt so honored. Then he asked those that had attended the workshops to share testimonies. It was very sweet as it is something I rarely hear…what the LORD did in each person’s life. It was a huge encouragement to me personally.
As a worship leader, Pastor Dave has taken some secular songs and changed the lyrics to Christian worship. In my introductory comment about “country music”...he just laughed as did the congregation because I clearly do not know the difference between country music and rock ‘n roll. It was simply hilarious to the point that I could not even speak and he began singing and the congregation all joined in singing a genuine country song. It was such a gift to me personally to kind of break the ice and begin with sweet laughter because he knew the seriousness of what the Holy Spirit had given to me to share. As the church does not generally have guest speakers, I knew that PAPA GOD had opened this door for HIS purpose and plan.
I shared my prepared message on, Jericho-A City of Destiny, then shared the following (paraphrased edition).
A bit of history... on February 15, 1995, my husband at the time attempted to take my life through suffocation and strangling. Because of the trauma of that event no one touches my face or neck. No one. I don’t wear turtleneck clothing or anything tight on my neck. Although I shared with Pastor Dave and Linda the fullness of that event in 1995, we really do not have time for the full story this morning. I was a bit undone to find out that Pastor Dave was born August 18, 1949 the same day as my sister, Susan who is now in heaven. Before I continue it might interest you to know that my husband at the time weighed 300 pounds, over 6 ft tall, with grey hair and mustache, and hands that wore a size 14 ring…very much like Pastor Dave.
On last Thursday evening, after the first teaching of the Beginning Workshop, some of you might recall that Pastor Dave and Linda came over to pray for me. I thought I was going to pass out when he put his hands on my head and his thumbs touched my neck. PAPA G very clearly spoke to me “THESE ARE MY HANDS.” So I just rested in that and trusted what PAPA was doing. After the prayer, Pastor Dave took a hold of my hands and I looked down and found myself staring at his wedding ring, the exact replica of my ex-husband’s wedding ring. And I am wondering if it is size 14…it is.
Through a supernatural event of being here and accepting prayer from Pastor Dave and Lynda, ELOHIM has performed an amazing healing of an emotional and physical trauma in my personal life. I believe that HE has the same for you. Pastor Dave, Linda and I discussed this last night and we are in agreement that the HOLY SPIRIT has a special FATHER’S BLESSING to impart to each of you today. A Blessing of healing, restoration, reconciliation, redemption, renewal for any person here who has ever had any kind of trauma in their life, ever been hit by another person, been rejected by your parents or grandparents…any place that you would like to have emotional healing…this is the time and the place. You may just come forward and Pastor Dave will simply minister the FATHER’s blessing to you. Will you allow the FATHER’s hands to touch you?
The response was overwhelming and for over two hours the Holy Spirit moved in a hovering protective kind of way throughout the room touching all, healing many, redeeming, restoring, blessing, loving, embracing, renewing, reconciling…as only HE can.
In the afternoon, Jan, Brenda, Diana, Linda, Dave and I shared lunch, then Dave, Linda and I went on a prayer journey to three strategic places. Pastor Dave and Linda provide outreaches to their community through car shows which I thought was an amazing evangelist outreach. Something I would have never, ever thought of doing. Yet, it is a perfect way to meet people in the community.
Then Linda and I went to the church for the women’s gathering where I ministered and was once again overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit and HIS intentional love and passion for HIS own. The love of ELOHIM is so HUGE!
A portion of my heart remains in Robertsdale, Alabama and I pray PAPA GOD opens a door for me to visit that place once again.
10.15.07 ~ Monday ~ Jan and I went on a lengthy prayer journey in some strategic locations near Foley, Alabama and the Styx River for a large part of the day.
10.16.07 ~ Tuesday ~ Jan graciously drove me to Pensacola once again for my departing flight. We met Dena, a treasured friend in Pensacola for lunch before departure. The morning also included a strategic prayer assignment near Pensacola Bay and Palafox Road for the eternal glory of JESUS CHRIST. The flight home was again filled with crying children and I began seeking the LORD about the cries of the children around the earth. I arrived at PDX (Portland, Oregon) at 9:11 pm (Psalm 91:1) and trust the LORD to seal, complete, release, bless, recompense and redeem all of HIS purposes and plans for Robertsdale, Alabama.
(On Monday 02.07.2011, I met with Kelly, a student from Western Kentucky University from Bowling Green KY who shared photos of a Prayer Journey in 2010 to Pensacola Bay. I asked her to send me the location of one of the photos because it looked familiar to me. In the summer of 2007, the City of Pensacola finished a building project to provide a safer place along the bay.  On 10.16.2007 on the way to the airport, Jan took me to that place as I had requested Palafox Rd/Pensacola Bay Front to pour out anointing oil. In the spirit realm, the LORD had shown me that it was dark place/an un holy place. When I poured out the anointing oil, the waters rose up high above me in a heap, then immediately dropped. A time I shall not forget. Since that time the following memorial was placed there in 2008. The purpose for sharing this is that when I am sent, I do not usually know what GOD is going to do…I just know HE is faithful. http://www.hawkshawmemorial.org/ When I go to pray over a land and pour out oil the pray is for the land and its inhabitants to be healed by the atonement of Christ and that the destiny of Christ – HIS relentless love would be known).
A prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for Christians United Ministries and Faith Fellowship Church for hosting the first “Glory Conference” and extending grace and mercy to me as the LORD continues to bring me forth for HIS eternal glory. And to all the HGRM Covenantal Prayer Shield who are faithful to stand in the gap and provide financial support and offerings as unto the LORD.
The journey is unforgettable. Thank you so much for your prayers of faith.

Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister