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Seminole Nation and South Carolina Glory Ring Testimonial

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2001

MAY 2001

For the Seminole Nation


Given to: Kathleen Collins, Nashville, TN, USA

Given to: Great Eagle of the Seminole Nation

Scriptures: Psalm 51, 89; Joel 2:28-29; Matthew 12:5; John 3:16; Hebrews 11; Revelation 22.  Handmade by Betty Leach and Jennifer Lynn Joy
June 10, 2002
Dear JJ, 

I couldn't wait to write and let you know how blessed I was to receive the two Glory Rings, the South Carolina and Seminole Nation. When I first got them I was very busy and did not want to open the box until I was at a resting place. It was two weeks later on a Saturday. I had been praying about receiving them and giving them, and whether or not I was suppose to give the Seminole Ring to Great Eagle. I had been so busy in the past couple of months I had not much contact by phone and had not seen Great Eagle. When I opened the box and pulled the Seminole Ring out, the Holy Spirit flew all over me and just about knocked me down. I began rejoicing with it. The word that came to me was magnificent. It was the most magnificent ring I had seen yet. And rich in substance. Very rich in substance. About an hour later, Great Eagle "happened" to call me and asked if I would take him out to Eagle's Landing which I did. We met a couple of Cherokee friends of his out there and also picked up a Comanche named Bob who was at a real crossroads in his life. We went to the camp site and had a bon fire.....we've all nicked named the camp site the Tribunal site because the fire is in the middle and there are logs in a circle for us to sit on. We had the torches lit a various places around the ring. It looked like the setting for the Survivor show. Anyhow, I knew I was to give him the ring and we had a brief ceremony for Great Eagle so I could give it to him. He looks just like the Indian on the patch except his hair is silver. It also is past his waist. He also just happened to have worn a feather in his hair that night. He was so honored to receive it. (Note from Jennifer: The patch was an embroidered patch from a friend who does computerized embroidery that she had given to me. Only GOD could have known these details).
When I pulled the South Carolina Ring out, I thought I pulled out the sunrise. What a breeze, what dashing Glory. It made my heart sing. How precious it is to me. The beauty is indescribable to me. On behalf of Great Eagle and myself I say thank you and great is your reward in heaven. You are juicing up a lot of people. I think Oregon has its own "orange groves" in the spiritual realm.

Love'n His Name,
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