HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister 
All Prophetic Glory Rings
  • To protect the handle:  During use, wrap the handle with the scarf that is attached to the handle. This will protect and lengthen the life of the handle. The "handle scarf” may be removed and laundered when necessary.
  • Each Prophetic Glory Ring and/or Prophetic Worship Instrument we create is a unique one-of-a-kind design, a song in color, a symphony of colors, types and symbols as inspired by the Holy Spirit which cannot be replaced or duplicated. Upon completion each worship instrument is anointed with oil and consecrated to the LORD GOD wholly and HOLY unto HIM (1 Samuel 5 & 6).
  • To protect any worship instrument from the elements (rain, wind, hail, snow, sun) we recommend a hatbox or a small piece of luggage.
  • If something is loosed from a Prophetic Worship Instrument (sword, scepter, hammer, Glory Ring, etc.) during worship, we recommend reapplying it. Replacement parts are not available for lost items.
  • It is our suggestion that the Scripture Information remain with the Worship Instrument so that others may join in prayer agreement as our ministry is praying over the nation, state, tribe, organization, ministry, or individual. If a replacement tag is needed, please let us know.
 Tinsel/Fringe Glory Rings

  • The tinsel/fringe will not survive the elements (rain, sun, wind, hail, snow). The tinsel/fringe will melt in any direct form of heat (sun, heater, through a car window, etc.)
  • The tinsel/fringe needs air to breathe. The longevity of the Glory Ring will increase dramatically if it is hung when not being used. We recommend wall or over the door hooks.
  • Once the tinsel is wrinkled, it cannot un-wrinkle. Please handle with care.
Nations, States, Tribes, Territories, Rivers, Islands, Cities, Organizations, and Ministries
Some individuals receive a prophetic worship instrument for a nation, state, city, tribe, territory, city, organization or ministry. As the Prophetic Glory Rings/Worship Instruments we create are not sold for profit, we do not view them as our possession or even as your possession but the possession of the MOST HIGH GOD!  They are HIS songs, HIS prophetic words being released to HIS people. We view you as intercessors, as stewards of the prophetic song in color, type, symbol and word that the Holy Spirit has entrusted into your care. We trust you will seek the Holy Spirit and pray, worship and intercede as HE directs you. We understand that life has seasons. Therefore, if your intercessory season closes, please return the Glory Ring to HGRM or you may give the Glory Ring to another intercessor as the Holy Spirit leads and then let us know, as it is our desire to maintain our data system with current information.